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Serotonin and Depression

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Oct 12 02:08:43 EST 1998

(To according folks:skip.)

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:

...things of which the first half and the end is among the most
intelligent I ever saw in this room.

(Even though seeming to aprecitae stuff someone did to people of  the
other races cast a dark shadow on my opinions about you.)

About the rest:

Don't believe all has a backup...

> But in the nervous system, everything is redundantly-engineered, and
>the "components" are organized in relatively-failsafe ways. 

>This doesn't mean

>...And the only way to  get a handle on such is to work with the system as a whole. 
The according bioprograms.

And I am not sure if one has to take the whole.
There is sort of a domino-effect like stuff where if one alters it in
eg.3 it alters stuff elseplace, so one does not have ot  target the
other place direct.

>For instance, what's referred to as "depression" can be instigated in as many ways as there are
I do not believe that.
Some of the emotional programs behind "behaviours" to me do not seem
related accordingly.

>. In the US, it's  become the "fashion" to "lift one's self up" through recourse to
>"antidepressant" drugs. I've not come across any study that measures the
>effacacy of groups who do so compared to groups who do not

Do you think they are out for losing their jobs?
There are enough cultures where there are no loonybins, and where the
mental healer tends to take between some hours and days to get the
person back to feel O.K. and do his/her tasks within society O.K.

Of the folks burning the healing knowledge of  their ancestors and
playing I AM THE FIRST  world around  the sun and shooter of others in
history   or something like that  I do not believe  that  thre'd  be
many out for  that.
Here the  state is using the system branches for own purposes, and to
make an open contest with neutral  judges and then alter the insurance
systems accordingly might go so far, that with branchers like
psychology and psychiatry, they might be out of the insurance covered
systems, especially the latter possibly causing organ damages and
costing the insurances in later years.

To have someone sense-censored and not trained personally for over a
decade based on thousands of years old  knowledge about  mental
healing  you might be able to make far more money selling drugs and
running "clinics" and the like, than with a good healer.

I believe  that open contest will stil be avoided in places like here
in Germany and many others for a  while. 

The systems branches are covered by the healers.

If a free healer is healing someone using traditional drugs ehre he
might theoretically even  be locked up by those trying to rule others,
while if a system psychiatrist is messing up receptormolecule numbers
in a brain and  gets a person to  depend on drugs and messes their
life up for years, he gets money from the insurances for it.
And if the person afterwards does suicide, it  is unlikely that
someone will note  the name and see how many people commit suicide
AFTER having been to that person for healing.

So basically you can drug over someone's blocking emotions, can get
him to talk about stuff that he is not far enough that way, then
withdraw the drug so he crashes and does suicide which else  he would
not have done.

And such often lethally dangerous methods are accepted by all  the
sheep if you are of an according branch of the groups here wanting to
rule people and declaring ownership over all if they wish it or notm
declaring them possession just because being born in the territory
they claim. 
And here imprisoning the males refusing to be their slaves for a year.

The same as  that is not to be questioned it is not to be questioned
why a druid or witch are not given preference or equality to the
ruling-wishing branches.

They have not been burning healers here for no reason for so long.

Till some days ago it was the CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC Union trying to
command people here.

The  ruling ones straight via taxes get the money in for Vatican
folks, and if  you think there is going to be an opening for the magic
branches and evenness and then even nuetral judging of efficiency, at
least here in the areas  they call Germany for the next years and
likely decades I can foretell you that that is unlikely.

Maybe some day we are rid of the Christian and the democratic creeps,
and good healing might flower up again and hopefully some year also
more proper treating the old and the dead.

>tad arduous
For the non-English with bad old dictionaries: What is that?
Might be  nonsense, but I guess some stuff connected with some
emotions called depressions is to do with sort of sorting you out of
the rank-fighting  and sex stuff and getting you aside  from the herd
not disturbing it too much or maybe not being too disturbed by it.
In Africa it happened to me that I did not feel like always having
people around me and went out to be alone and someone went after me,
seeming seriously worried, seeming to believe that I must feel very
bad to withdraw alone.

I do not recall perceiving many people seeming to have serious mental
problems there.

Guess if you are used to living and being with others it might be more
tricky to develop them unobserved, and if members of the society
(getting up with the sun and often seeming to put friendship  over
work) are alert for psychologic-imbalanced caused withdrawing and are
straight seriously alarmed, that might have to do with it.

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