Acid Pope II to Yourney(wo)men into The Temple Of The Mind

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Tue Oct 13 12:48:14 EST 1998

Cijadrachon wrote in message <36218882.44317554 at>...
>>Cijadrachon wrote in message <3620de11.684914 at>...
>>[snip far too many words]
>>Why do you feel the need to give a running commentary of your trips to the
>>Erwin Hessle
>If you would read before you'd snip you might have noticed  that I
>said explicitly and  in that one several times DO NOT REply to  that

I did notice it, several times in fact. I just chose to deliberately ignore

>And would have noticed that the first groups within the reply are
>alt.drugs.psychedelics and rec.drugs.psychedelic, and  that there is
>not THE group but 2 psychedelic, 2 magic and 2 mind ones.
>If  you had cared to read the whole you would have noticed it in one
>of the first that these are parts of an onrunning series,

Yes, an onrunning series of your hideously tedious and rambling LSD

>asking not to interrupt it as you did,

And I am explicitly asking you to stop, so what are you still doing here?

>and if  you had read the titles
>you would have noticed that they are mainly aimed at students and
>yourney(wo)men (literally) into the (own and others) mind.

Literally? You mean brain surgeons?

>I would appreciate it if you could express your non-understanding of
>the topic and all other comments under other Re titles than here.

Well, I'm not a proper German witch, how am I supposed to know better?

>As I explicitly requested.

Oh well, can't have everything we want, can we?

>If you want me to notice well simply write "To Cijadrachon ..."

You seem to notice when I do this, so I'll stick with it, thank you.

>(+maybe other words, like "referring to ...")
>And preferably not to all six groups unless you are sure that it is
>referring to all six groups.

One good turn deserves another, as they say.

>I repeat,  I'd  apreciate it if there is NO interruption of this
>"temple of  the mind" series.

And I'd appreciate it if there are NO interruptions to my interruptions of
this "temple of the mind" series.

If you don't want any interruptions, write a book, then post it all at once.
Not that anyone cares.

Have a good day now!

Erwin Hessle, 8=3

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