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Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Oct 12 03:34:22 EST 1998

mentifex at scn.org (Mentifex) wrote:

>"Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice"
>Such was the front-page headline of an article by Warren King on
>pages A1 and A18 of the 7.oct.1998 edition of The Seattle Times.
>Reporting on a meeting in Seattle (home of Project Mentifex q.v.)
>of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Mr. King described the
>futuristic work of Emory University scientist Dr. Roy Bakay, who
>implants two neurotrophic electrodes into the cortex of a human
>subject slightly above the ear.  Afterwards the skull is closed
>and a "smart cap" induction coil on top of the head sends power
>to a gold wire which records signals from when the human subject
>thinks about moving an arm or a hand.  By thinking about movement
>and by hearing a faster and louder buzz from the brain implant,
>the human patient learns to control the level of the firing of
>the neurons and to make a cursor on a computer screen point to
>speech icons which produce message phrases such as "I am thirsty."

Sorry, stoned and feel like fooling around.

I imagine this bloke getting afterwards the skull closed (how does
that sound, by the way? I'd like to close someone else's skull....),
and then having some induction coil on top of his head sending power
to some wire. (Can one get them in bigger size, too? Lol!).
Wondering how much energies that'd  disturb of systems and marvelling
how wonderful such a louder buzz would be  in the heads of some of my

The day I get rich you would not be so kind to let me bribe you into
abducting them to install some big concuction coils on top of their
heads  preferably very loud buzzing within (preferably also still
hearable outisde) whenever they think about moving arm or hand?

I'd appreciate that very much indeed, actually the thought alone
watching them afterwards sends me nearly collapsing with stoned
laughter, especially imagining watching the impressions on their  face
while I laugh about it.
Only whenever they'd think about raising & moving a hand against me
I'd know ahead by the loud buzzing.

If you could remove stuff (as all too many neuros seem to like
removing stuff of people's systems of different mammal races) for
talking so that they'd ...

>By thinking about movement
>and by hearing a faster and louder buzz from the brain implant,
>the human patient learns to control the level of the firing of
>the neurons and to make a cursor on a computer screen point to
>speech icons which produce message phrases such as ...

"I hate you, you..."

And me: "Yes, yes, you are getting there! Soon you'll learn to hit the
first speech icon on that screen for the first insult wordy, and with
some trying also for the second. Come on! By the buzzing you can't be
far from it..."

...You would not have more of such lovely stuff for potential enemies
in store, would you?


Sorry, I am stoned, but give that I've seen a  human alter stuff in a
T.V. monitor with magic from several meters distance and that given
that special screens built for such should likely be able to be
handled by humans interfacing directly with systems outside, like some
aiming for more cybermagic like to theorize about,
I find the mere thought hilariously Vatican sense-censored

The Westie dark ages of the sense-censored.

If  this were a different world I could  transfer  you and HHI the
data with which you should be able 
with their data and others' to develop a sort easily  portable  system
with no electro a wire shit near your head,
and my my data with non handicapped people like myself write on the
screen. Probably that could be even transformed into very mechanical
If still using some sort of clicking system alone with your hand you
could write magically words onto the screen and when you have them
visualized click for write or say,
and when you want to delete one, for that.

Similar systems will likely be  used in the future of cybermagic
anyway, if I were to take a guess, only more advanced.

The day the shamans and big magicians should enter the net,
the age of recording magic, and a magic the world has not seen yet I
guess shall begin.

If neurology and a lot of other branches declaring people of the
mammals their possessions  and  suppressin freedom would not exist and
good magic laws more heeded, also by Westie technology,
this age would be flowering with cybermagic by now I believe.

Because the magicians could release data without fear of abuse, and
the people like I could be sort of translating between different
group, maybe not all, but quite a bit, and also recombining data to
maybe autistic weird area games inside that maybe not all humans could
learn  straight, though if taught sector direct linking telepathically
I'd not excude that some could be transferred, as I know power up
sector perception  in people if I link with them often enough..

It is regretful that the Frankensteins and sense censored ones are so
dumb,  that one can SPELL it to them, that people like Carlos
Castaneda can write books like Tales of Power 20  years ago and some
people here still not having gotten some of the stuff he said back
then, nor where some other folks of Earth are now.

Neurology: The Art of Being Sense-censored, Sense-Ignoring,
Sense-Ignorants, ...
....and pround of it.

...Source of  the West for knowledge about the mind...

Jolly LOLly

...To imagine 
one of  you folks might be bribable enough the day I get rich 
to install my enemies loud buzzing when thinking about pointing an
arrow on some screen for speech bubbles or when wanting to move hands,
and preferably some huuuuge induction coil on the top of their head,
might still delight my (Germanic God) Loki-ish side for a while.  


ACID Pope 42       ( <--- I herewith declare and blabble a second
number as well, for my LSD meaglomania seeming even more appropritate.

The Fartican

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