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Serotonin and Depression

patanie at my-dejanews.com patanie at my-dejanews.com
Wed Oct 14 08:41:01 EST 1998

Dear Ken,

> The community of researchers has missed one thing: what's referred to as
> "depression" is not, per se, "pathological".

Yes.Dr Henri Laborit has made excellent research on the origins of depression.
But you have to read it in French!

> We =need= "depression", and the modern trend that takes the stand, that it
> should be engineered-out of the nervous system, has more to do with the
> profit-seeking of the pharmaceutical companies than science or the welfare of
> humanity.

It has,also,something to do with the puritan foundation of the
United-States,where pleasure has been tracked as something diabolical. This
led to the imipramine dogma that a good anti-depressant should elevate mood
without inducing "euphoria"...a nearly impossible paradox.

I suggest,on the contrary,that true anti-depressants should stimulate
pleasure,thus "euphoria",like the fast acting gamma-hydroxybutyrate.

 But in the nervous system, everything is redundantly-engineered, and
> the "components" are organized in relatively-failsafe ways.

This remark is a crucial remark.

 This doesn't mean
> that any particular neurotransmitter is "unimportant". It just means that
> are [reiterating what someone else has already said in this thread] many
> which determine the contribution of any neurotransmitter.


 And the only way to
> get a handle on such is to work with the system as a whole. For instance,
> referred to as "depression" can be instigated in as many ways as there are
> behaviors. Such is the plight of the children of ghetto environments, which
> ramifications through generations of offspring. It's a serotonin deficit
> transmitted genetically, but, rather, the continually-dibilitating quality of
> the environment which always answers any behavior with, "No", behaviors being
> acquired in the face of such, and handed down inter-generationally via
> Even though the contribution of serotonin is always in-there, the simple
> modification of serotonin concentration cannot do anything that can "optimize"
> the functioning of the system as a whole.


Serotonin is a mood modulator which,I think,is naturally used to blunt
emotions in case of excessive dysphoria. However,if the dysphoria persists
then,probably,this elicits different functional changes leading to

I have to remind,here,that Tianeptine,a specific serotonin re-uptake
accelerator(SSRA)seems to work,statistically,even better than the SSRIs in

> This is not to say that folks are not trying to do "just" that. In the US,
> become the "fashion" to "lift one's self up" through recourse to
> "antidepressant" drugs.

In the US,daily life is very abnormal,as the US culture demands too much
productivity. Evolution has NOT selected the homo sapiens species as a
species adapted to work 8 hours a day...for years and years,non-stop.

Humans are not ants and anthropologists have well demonstrated that,before the
Neolithic,our species did not "work" more than 2 to 3 hours a day.

Best regards,


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