Right visual field to left hemisphere. Why?

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[A General "Policy" Statement]



This was a ms. titled, "The Fundamental Wisdom of Biological Brains" (as
opposed to machine "brains"), and, in it, the decussation "Rossetta Stone", and
minimization principle that permeates nervous systems and integrates their
functioning were  first disclosed. It was self-published. My treatment of
hippocampal dynamics in this paper fell short of the mark.

Before the 1980 paper, I'd been working on the problem since Sept. 1971, and
had produced 12-15 shorter papers. After 1980 paper, I continued, and produced
a major paper in 1986, "Why, Human Behavior", which was rewritten and presented
at a meeting given, by the International General Semantics gorganization, in
space rented at Yale in August, 1988. That paper is titled, "On the Automation
of Knowing within Central Nervous Systems" (AoK). In this paper, the
functioning of all the major nuclear groups of the brain is integrated, and the
same is done in a more-general way for the whole CNS (I wanted to focus upon
higher-level considerations). The paper contains concrete biological mechanisms
which account "completely" (in that there are no "gaps", but not in that there
remains nothing more to say), for the phenomena of creativity, curiosity and
volition, among other things... and it discloses the biological wellspring of
"prejudice", including the "nationalism" that leads to war, and which has, in
recent memory, so Horrifically filled our media-bourne minds with awareness of
the savagery that stems from "prejudice" (just yesterday, strong minds and
wills prevailed, with respect to the same, in Kosovo... HURRAH!!!). Another
paper on the same theme was produced in 1988, again using the title, "Why:
Human Behavior". It was shorter than AoK, but discussed things from a different
perspective, and so, goes hand-in-hand with AoK.

The "molecular" stuff of which I've spoken in prior msgs, is in Physics, and is
best dealt with in forums that make that subject their topic. I've been trying
to initiate enduring discussions in such places for a decade, but to "no"
avail. It's sorrowfully-humorous that, although I've been censored in such
places (in the end, almost before I was able to try to begin in this or that
formerly-untried place, which disclosed "priority" in recognition), my work in
Physics has, never-the-less, been winning awards right and left by folks who've
recognized it's stuff in their own past experimental and theoretical endeavors
where it had gone unregognized until I'd discussed its correlates in my own
work. (It's long been clear to me that there are some groups who've vested
interests in silencing me completely. All of this stuff, including the route I
followed, the blossoming of the concepts, and all of the references I used, is
documented, and I'll be happy to allow folks to draw their own conclusions from
such documentation.)

My Purpose has been, from the beginning, to present a Gift of Understanding to
Folks who stand in need of such. This remains my Purpose.

Because, however, it became clear, early on, that there were some who were bent
upon taking the understanding I'd developed, and "locking it away" as "trade
secrets", and other such "invisible"-to-the-general-Public "stuff", I long ago
saw the need for, and developed, a way to discuss things openly, while
maintaining an unbreakable "key" to the whole body of understanding. I did this
so that I could continue to Pursue communication of the understanding to those
on whose behalves the work was initiated, and accomplished... folks who
Suffer-Greatly under the yoke of unwittingly-automated "Prejudice",
most-significantly, battered Children. It remains my single Purpose to achieve
this communication. Because of matters I needn't get into, the need to
communicate the "key" is hard upon me, and I'd like to do so in a Public
Science meeting. My only "condition" is that there be an adequate (significant)
representation of members of the groups for whom the work was undertaken, and
accomplished, in attendance (physically present) at that meeting. I will,
there, present the Gift of Understanding, well-prepared, to these Folks. Then,
in the Light of these Folks' unhindered Awareness and Endeavor, Science, and
everyone else, can do whatever they Choose to do. I will maintain all of my
Patent Rights, which are myriad, and assure that they are put to best-use in
Serving the General Good.

And I'll have the Peace I've for which I've so-long yearned, and probably go
for "a walk in a park".

Re. "kccheng..." Enough said? k. p. collins

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