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US behaviours are depressogenic

patanie at my-dejanews.com patanie at my-dejanews.com
Wed Oct 14 09:07:00 EST 1998

Why? Because the demand on individuals is too high in the USA
and,worse,pleasure is tracked even in the neurons...if you see what I mean.
The Puritans,instead of orienting human beings,in North-America,have
disoriented them by chasing pleasure from life.

Evolution has adapted the psychology of homo sapiens to small tribal groups
only,not for mass societies.
Mass societies are a very novel thing for the human species and our brain has
not been shaped to function properly in such an environment.

The Inquisition against President Clinton,for example,is a very good example
of the underlying constant inquisition which exists,in the USA,against

Pleasure is the basis of life.
No organism will live without a reasonable amount of daily pleasure.

How can you get this in an ultra-competitive society like the USA?

Competition and Pleasure are mutually exclusive.

It is not astonishing,then,that you get individuals who become psychologically
exhausted,thus "depressed".

The way of life,in the USA,is psychotoxic and depressogenic.



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