Serotonin and Depression

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>Dag: "Still, there may be depression cases with a genetically transmitted serotonin
>defect, creating more sucseptibility to succumbing to e.g. stress."

Sress...another vague term....

>Perhaps if we all lift our voices together, the so-worthy balance will be achieved. ken

What, the metals smurf back to where they grew within Earth, the woods
here in Germany go back to the intircacy they had before being
choopped down and turned  into fields or forests of just a few tree
kinds, maybe growing in rows, and I can drink out of the rivers and
lakes again?

I'd  say for my lifetime and many to come humans messed up the energy
harmonies and others of this world too much.

>Allowing folks to understand doesn't, somehow, transform anything that has worth into
>something without such. (...)  ken

Given the legends once here and not knowing lands' end and walking
through huge woods devoid of  humans with the lore of  your people in
mind,  I'd say there is a lot of a worth lost maybe forever.

And similar thoughts expressed with wrong spelling:

(Ik gihorta dat seggen...)

"Chind in chuningriche, chud 
ist mir all irmendeot. 
Ibu du mi enan sages, Ih mi de odre wue..."

>From my point of view, in major depression  brain function is changed (as a result of dysbalance between the biological
>and the load from the environment) 


>in such a way that the patient
Is he that patient?
Westie.  (Shaking head... ;-)
>cannot easily handle the situation. How to shake this dysbalance back into
>Traditional therapies have included electro- or insulin shocks 
They certainly have not.  Traditional therapies are often ways over a
thousand  years old or more, and electricity apart from magic
equivalents was not invented  there yet, nor insulin shocks.

A lot  of  traditional healing has the use of drugs, which either just
the healer takes or both together, for THE first and main healing

At points that is sufficient, at others it might take some days with
other tasks for the person imbalanced, helping them to find balances
back. And in some very long cases they might be sent to sort of a
sacred travel under special group conditions with others,
or been given some other "sacred" tasks.

Though a lot of what I heard tends to just take several hours or days.

And there is no dysbalance "shake" into balance tht I know to.
Level-alterations within some or many of the eg.-programs can be made
quite rapidly, but that is more like a retuning of scales, and in some
forms  of  healing a lot to do with altering attitudes of the person
themsleves, too, not some shake-thingie.
The human alive brain is not a milk-shake.

> while a network of understanding persons can at least postpone suicide until that
>something snaps back to order in the brain.
Apat form that the snapping bit sounds wrong to me...
And you are sure that suicide is not part of another order?
Have you ever calculated through from older times what would happen if
the wrong people would not kill themselves and have children and how
the stability of the herd would be effected?
>  I do not claim to understand depression, although I have experienced it
>some times earlier in my life. But I still to figure out ideas what it could
>be about in the biological sense.

Eg.balances on certain settings.

Often if you do not feed  them off the correct way with some of the
stuff they request.

And some grey weather stuff can add energy changes boosting it up.
And not enough sunlight can.

What it is about is maybe what the other said  about "quiting"

Not the time to have rank-fights with other herd members and have sex
for children maybe.
Also sorting out folks too instable of genetics.
Herd protection

>> Is there anyone, having lost life-long Love, who can deny experiencing such? It's a
>> fact of Life. 
>Are you sure you are not confusing normal sorrow with major depression here?

Sorrow in my language translates to something else than lost life-long
love which would be very extreme for me, too,  and there are old
people who follow  their partner into  the grave within years,  though
by bio-clocking they might have  had ten or twenty years more.

Though that might be even a level  higher.

If the will to stop living is strong enough, systems shut down
depending on culture and skills I  heard  in some cases can be done
within a day or two towards death.

I heard from Asia and Australia that  there some people kill
themselves within half a day to one and a half days by simply sitting
down and wanting to die,
the differences of suicide methods somehow tell me a lot about
And  that is one of  the most correct methods I heard about.

And, when done within just half a day, for  me somehow of high style,
when contemplating suicide styles of cultures and connections between

By  the way, someone told me that in a place in Japan they had signs
in the underground:
"Do not throw yourself on the rails in rush-hour.
Take regards of your fellow citizen."

>> > This [letting many experimental parameters vary at the same time] can point to 
>> > correlational evidence, and to important factors, but it can not elucidate what part 
>> > a single factor has in the regulation of the whole.
That is the advantage of bainsurfing... 

>>... But, through the diligent efforts of the experimentalists,
>> the Neuroscience stacks have been overfolowing with more than enough proven
>> information for decades to allow everything to be cross-correlated at a
>> verifiably-lasting foundation level. It's from that understanding that I write. ken
>> collins
I commented that from an autistic point of view before I believe.

By the way,  I never managed to get stuff going from eg.3 to eg.1
Don't ever recall being within the language structurer.
No aware direct sequencer sector, nor brainstem  nor temporal cortex 
accessing data. Only sort of hazy occtipital, parietal and back half
cingulate data within me, basically not worth mentioning apart from to
magical semi-colleagues.

Your understanding is not congruent with mine.

>I still will not believe that crosscorrelation of any amount of sloppily
>(without a clear experimental plan) collected data will lead to very much.
Actually it can.
Sometimes if I read some stuff here it's like getting sector data or
energy data hailing in, or like struggling though odd neuro-English
words here, and while at it, getting "coresponding pattern replies"
that maybe else I never would have though about, one of the things
that fascinate me about this room. 

Often I wish they'd not use such odd words, or explain  them, as a lot
here, especially when being just some letters, is not translated. 

But then again Scientology does such, too, and some other branches,
too, and me myself with friends as well; guess that's just the way it

>So often have I experienced that even after a lot of data have accumulated
>about a subject, the only way to get further is to conduct a simple,
>well-planned, focussed experiment, which alone will tell us more than years
>of correlational analysis of huge data banks. 
>Dag Stenberg

Does pattern matching not work at all in your brain?

Sort of like LTP = ?
Some stuff of Frank,
signals staying longer in the own areas = yeah, if I want them to, or
order some area(s) to do so...

Not that I really know if all I match is so.

Have an older German neuro-book here with a model of a transmitter.

Starting at it after reading the text was having the effect it might
have for others to read it is a disc and see a sphere.

Imagine looking at a round cube.

I believe the thingie that  puzzled me most had to do with "electron".

??? Has anyone ever seen one ???

Because if not that might  have been the bitsie that might "make the
disk round", and then it'd  fit.

I am serious about the question, can  anyone give me  any reference
to someone with some machine or  whatever actually seeing a single
Or has someone at least heard that anyone ever saw one?

Or is an electon just some singly unproven theoretical concept?

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