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Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 14 00:24:07 EST 1998

"Tom Schuler" <duo at teleport.com> wrote:

>I can suggest a way for you to get rich quite quickly.  Of course, it would
>have to mean that what you post is not just a pack of self-aggrandizing lies or
>the manifestation of a major thought disorder.  I have not ruled either of
>those explanations out.

Actually one of the other names I use sometimes to post under has
"Liar" in it.

And my third emotion generator lovvvves self-aggrandizing.

And have you ever considered the advantages of thought disorders?

Whenever someone comes up with thoughts you don't want to follow or
hear, you just tell him: "Yes, I think the green is nice silence on
the Heavenly Brimbelbim, too"
Follow that with more incoherent sentences, and you might be amazed
how fast the according person wil leave you alone, maybe forever.
Heavenly Brimbelbim peace.

>You claim to be able to successfully employ telepathy.  

Apart from that "employ" telepathy already does not sound like a term
I'd use to me, unless making fun for serious ;-) 
and that the use of "employ" there, apart from wrong for me, is nearly
more like passive vocabulary for me,

....surrrrre, grrreatest telepath of the universe of ALL time that was
and will come.

If it is my good day, with other telepaths might even get a few meters

However picture quality might be MBD-zero; even if they are  straining
for serious, and might even manage with a stranger I brought to them
also into magic within rather short time, saying out loud stuff the
other one had not told them out loud, but true,  and stuff they could
not have known elsewise.

Yeah, real impressive.

Actually I believe a powerful  telepath could thunderstorm-blast
picture-frequencies into my head with a force that EVEN YOU were
likely to get them several dozen meters away still, and,
as  my brain has already trouble visualizng a brick even blurrily if I
order it so,
I am  unlikely to get it. 

About as effective as shouting with a magaphone into the ears of
someone deaf.

However I might notice sectorwise where I get the headaches from the
attempt strongest. And, if working on transcending ranges, "see" areas
in his head while he is straining.

>James Randi will payyou more than $1M American dollars for an exhibition of your extraordinary
>powers under conditions that exclude trickery and the results of which will be
>obvious to all observers as a paranormal event. 
Bad luck, it is normal extending energies into another brain.
Common stuff, the sort you can lean the start of with a good teacher
within 20 minutes to 4 hours if you are not totally unconcentrated.

And let  me guess, because he is such a darling bloke out for giving a
million for powers while he could use it to save  so many lives around
or donate them to S.O.S.Kinderdeorfer  (children's villages, not sure
about the English term, for children without parents enabled  to life
with other adults like parents for them
and other children without  parents like siblings,
magicians are cuing up to reformat his brain so he gets the powers he
is after.

> it is extremely likely that you are merely an empty braggart
The braggart part is correct.   :-(
Notice: LSD causes megalomania.  ;-)

> who takes far too many hallucinogens than are good for you,
Actually sorts wise not that many, so far I never really came to like
shrooms much, nor a lot of other stuff.
Just some, and with LSD in the last years I usually did not go
hallucinating,  though I am contemplating taking that up again.

Though if so maybe in some odd  way, would need to nag some friend for
a while if he'd be willing to go along into that one.

> I doubt you will do anything but offer a flurry of excuses why you won't.

Why I don't do what?

Go to yankee-land and teach rich magic-randy nerd I do not even know
telepathy cause he has money up his arse, so I have him brainfuck me
for money?

And teach him how to do so with others?

On the way out ten reporters' mikes up my arse to record any fart I
might make after that, and best some pictures out for telepaths to
"visit" me?

If you are so much after it, why don't you go to India and learn magic
for serious and give the bloke his show and teach him how to screw
around in your brain and intrude into your depest privacy from any

And  your flurry excuse stuff you can stick somewhere;
I am not a showmaster.
Nor a magician. 
I am an LSD teacher, and among my prime targets is that the students I
agree to teach are coming down the other side psychologically O.K.

And so far all have, and  that is what within LSD teaching counts
among  most for me. 
That for me is my direct responsibility, 
and the next to teach them  to take it alone without fear if crashing.

And there so far I have no "flurry"whatever record,
but a record I am pround of.

I am not your magic teacher nor for the rich and bored,
I am an LSD teacher, and playing around with sense-enhancing aspects
of LSD comes several "kilometers" after understanding some balance
changes within and between sectors.

LSD is called a hard drug. With right, and not for addiction, that is
less  than THC,  but for psychological dangers.

It is not some harmless magic toy,  for me to blaster some richie-boy
into subatomic magic space with, but one of  the most dangerous
substances for most people to take,
and most people of this planet I met I believe should not take it at

And there I have not blundered so far as a teacher,
and it has happened that someone got on my nerves repeatedly to teach
him and I refused, because I thought him not far enough for LSD,
though I liked him enough that elsewise that would have been O.K.,
and later he realized for serious, too, that that was correct  of me.

I regard my judgings as who can take LSD nearly without danger, who
with some dangers, and  who should not take it at all as usually being
fairly accurate.

And I guess if some richie-nerd randy for power would pop up here and
give me a million so I'd reformat his brain magically on LSD, I might
be tempted to jump over the first tasks of safe-guarding him, hail in
magic data until I feel  he has enough basics to get many basics of
magic but not enough to transfer to others himself,
which would not be against contract if not specified,
and then, if I am in an evil mood and I decided he really is a rich
nerd, maybe starting out with all I know about black magic making him
believe it belongs there,  and by the time he realizes that what I
alter in him subatomically is not correct, working on giving him a
psycho-crash for goodie, so that maybe he'll not have a good time with
what I taught him, and might have to see to working on his inner
balances as a magician should.

And, if he survives, maybe after that he finds something better to do
with his money than hunting for magic power.

As you seem to, Tom Schuler; you are like someone running after
something in the magick rooms without really knowing what you want, 
as you are obviously not able to discern serious magic data there from
belief-nonsense and have been attacking  both,
and yet hover on there like a moth drawn to fire.

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