Acid Pope II to Yourney(wo)men into The Temple Of The Mind

Cijadrachon cijadra at
Wed Oct 14 00:24:00 EST 1998

>>ACID Pope II

>>(Do not hit the RE button (like some retards) to this or any of my res to this
>> sequence.
>>Please  pick other titles for REs in case you want to make one.)

Re to some fig.retard

>...and if  you had read the titles
>you would have noticed that they are mainly aimed at students and
>yourney(wo)men (literally) into the (own and others) mind.

>>>Literally? You mean brain surgeons?

If the question is if this is some sort of Lakota-Indian instruction
how to heal brain cancer, no,
if the question is, could someone who opposite to you read the
student's posts and learned the stuff  there and reached
yourney(wo)man levels, understand how to operate for healing in
another brain:

I advise to seek professional instructions from healers doing so,
And advise to consider well  if you seriously wish to link own cell
energies parallel with cancering ones of the same cell-group.
Or link with other cell-groups' energies, cross-sectoring.

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