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Serotonin and Depression

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 14 17:19:58 EST 1998

(To the skipping front: Maybe hop-skip with biiiiig jumps through the
endless babbling.) 
Acid P.(ee) 4II:
(In stoned babbling mood - so don't say I did not prewarn you, if you
decide to read on, else I might grouch at  you, maybe at
Oscar-deserving level.)

>>How to shake this dysbalance back into balance?
By not shaking it, but shifting eg.balances, and for that you have to
understand them within yourself and  the other  a lot,
and altering part of the person's attitudes.

One major questions maybe being reality factor and sense.

I think if it wre my healing temple, I'd  have a checking list like:

Do you believe 
broken mirrors or black cats from the left bringing bad luck
..., ..., ...

Would  you like the healing session:

to include ceremony and  be shaman like
to exclude ceremony and be matter of fact
a mix

the way the healer find wise.

How often  have you had the problem before?

How long is it running now?
middle levels:

Other comments:

And then take  a look at the thingie,
and  then burn it, so other people don't read it, whose business it is

And with folks out for hard-core real,
maybe straight alter eg.settings and attitudes,

and with Credo-ergo-sums maybe straight go for more shaman methods,
not making logic a necessity.
Though leaving the definite impression they should work on that in

>The only way that I can see that shows strong promise is to fore-arm folks with
>understanding that enables them to comprehend the necessities inherent in our nervous
>systems' processing of information. 
What do I need the necessities inherent for systems' information

The key are thousands of eg.-programs and interrelations,
and if you alter one, what happens "further down the relation chain".
With a  lot of areas I find it pretty irrelevant what they are doing
and how they are doing it, as long as they are doing it.
And with a lot of other stuff if I were to think forever how they
process information, I'd be a fossil and still not get it.

Stick it in, watch the chain-reactions, watch the back-alterations
docking out, and there you go.

And if you can't get it in detail, then try to get as close as  you

>Such understanding becomes physically encoded within nervous systems in a way that physically governs, 
Might it be that you are babbling generalizing stuff?
(Sorry, must be my polite day again.)
(I should turn a diplomat. Any country currently needing a war?)

>and tends to thwart the onset of relative-randomness within neural dynamics... 
What relative randomness (of expression... ;-) WHERE EXACTLY? Detail?




>neural dynamics 
(The relative randomness compared to the unrelative randomness within
neural dymics is relatively randomly confusing the currently
relatively-randomly dymanically stoned neural capacities of my

>is the physical essence of what's been referred to as "depression"...
Actually it are relatively unrandomly dynamics also within relatively
unneural dymanics in the body , following extremely unrandom patterns.

Which if I am not very mistaken do not seem the same  in all people,
but differences popping up in genetic groups, for example central
Africa - Red Indian groups - (ancestors longer-)here, ...
sometimes in goups though I cannot say how much is education.
But not all seemed  to me.
Differences inside seemed  often also alike to outside to me, though
not in all cases.

...Meaning maybe probably MBDish loads not seeming  translated  by my
systems +  maybe male ones + of that group (+ sometimes differences

I recommend to print the above out 
and !!! nail !!! that formula
to relative-randomness-chosen physical essence dynamically in your

> folks "cannot cope" be-cause the high-randomness [which is the exact opposite of TD E/I(min)] 
German, for "pardon me, I did not entirely understand that, would you
be so kind as to (here preferably differently) repeat that":

And apart from that, actually "cannot coping" my stoned brain came up
with something seeming foggily like:

But anyway, by the bubbles of drowning in the depressive depths, 
it seemed dymanically UN-highrandom(Loch)nessly.  
Actually stoned-possibly even pretty 
unrandomly physically essentially neural dynamically.(Lolally,
actually English, though restricting for me, as a language can have
it's funny sides occasionally.
By the way, I like thy style, thou shouldst neural-dynamically with
essential-high-unrandomness work on it's dynamic-precise condition.)

>constitutes a condition in which the convergence mechanisms 
What convergings and which mechanisms where?
>that are innate within our nervous systems cannot function rapidly enough... 
(If that were so maybe eg.3 - some program "blocker"? 
Maybe even selecting out of species, to be eaten faster in nature?)
>so the individual is left in a "state" in which he/she
>cannot achieve "focus" sufficient to allow the taking of action that's "appropriate" with
>respect to her/his momentary environmental circumstances. 
Within natural nature within our ancestor not hindered for example by
technology-watch-Westies,  why are you so sure that it is not
Maybe change angle?

(To at least three historic major angles.)

Part of the subprograms beeing oooold.
Still parallel with part of what we call "Kommodowaran".
Probably still ways before common branch-off.

By the way, differing question: How long ago are frogs estimated to
"have branches off" (our and their common anstor)?

Anyone happening to know?

Some day I might observe them longer, checking echoes.

They puzzle me. Like history not completely me, but not completely
un-me, and watching humans and frogs in the same pond, and imagining I
were a frog, is feeling like having a puzzle-piece and not exactly
sure where to put it now what it tells me.  Just that it does tell me

(But don't go frog-mangling, folks, O.K.; I forget in which room I am
occasionally. With all inside O.K. people I could think about such
stuff "aloud" without having to watch what to say.
There is someting completely important  that you overlook, and  I know
others I met, know that, too,  obviously none has ever wanted to tell
you either. Sort of THE centerinformation for understanding the
psyche. And that is sad,  that such can not be discussed without
risking the health and maybe life of others. 
Sometimes this branch is like dark, sick parody.)

Frogs, the few times me old Berlinie saw one,  were not the
"new-people"-mammal signals, nor seemed like the "old-people"
Kommodowaran signs, and but not 100% "un-person" either.

>This "incapacitation" yields the
>outward manifestations wof what's been referred to as "depression".

>But if a person is equipped with the understanding, the onset of randomness within neural
>dynamics is protected against... folks know what the internal "stirings" mean, and are able
>to take action that will back them out

 Interesting to contemplate.

>so that they can analyze at length, and in a
>relatively-liesurely way, before having another go at things. And when the members of groups
>all posses the understanding, what has been deemed to signal "failure" or "breakdown" is
>recognized for what it actually is, the result of having reached further than one was, as
>yet, prepared to go... "no problem", =celebrate= the reaching, nurture the healing, and go
>at it again, and again and again. 

 :-)  Hopefully learning better balancing. 

>Everything's possible among those who only nurture one
>another in an understanding of how our nervous systems process information. 

I do not agree.

And might that not be an itsi-bitsy too much to learn?

And to me it sounds like a male idea.

Actually I would not even know how to get a woman away from her maybe
normal sharing to with other women to something that to them might
sound like bio-computer-graphics of  thousands of eg.-programs, with a
big bunch fossil-old programs seeming to link in and out of eg.3, with
chain-reactions of which part seemed not trackable with the own
systems, with complex interrelations, 
...and  then the whole mathematically taken with the with the female
moon-rhythm or hormone alteration-fluctions sort of tidying with the


And  that were just some eg.s without oneself and other stuff /
sectors coming in.

... I guess you folks  should hurry up with the telepathic
understanding, so that (if we survived Mentifex' AL-donation for
Kools, the Ambassador of Mankind, to proclaim to Earth and Space
effects of Ron Hubbards Dark Psycho black (non-)magick,  and also to
it, and it would decide not to blow us up after listening to us for a
while, and after watching us disturbibg Earth,
but kick Kools out of post and overtake his job for serious, 
vibing dead all that seemed logical, and possibly making it the planet
more like IT would want it for itself....) after neuro got the basics
and HHI switched on the frontal cortex and made their
photon-cuby-thingie headsize, occipital frequencies in the back other
magic sectors like where&frequency-ranges they belong, and off we go
into telepathic cyperspace in some centuries or thousands of years,
spoooookyyyyy :-o  ....... Maybe breeding for ones who get it best, 
as we can't go forever genetically messing the pool(s) anyway keeping
what for nature would be out until we all look like Quasimodo after a
traffic accident, though rather Martian-seeming, breathing
Darth-Vaderish organed in our top-of-the-current-fashion
plastic-anti-allergy-Suits, to be ordered in autumn and spring-design,
together with fashionable brainextensions, ...

>(Everything's possible among those who only nurture one
>another in an understanding of how our nervous systems process information.) 

...And then we might actually start to - further away than I can
forsee - have the storing  and learning capacites easier available
that you meniton...

Only by then (Cy)BORG AGE 
might collide with 
Back To The Nature We Are Genetically Programmed To Be In,
called Paradise On Earth,
maybe wanting to reduce to some few having niece places on Earth near
waterfalls or beautiful sights or islands, 
many individuals of families and cultures running different ways
testwise parallel, "stamping different baby-axon-boom patterns into
and learning from each other in Social Individualism,
while the populations is tried to be kept so it is nice for all and
also the other races eventually also to develop on as oneselve does,
a Paradise near world maybe to be, if all see not to overpopulate too
much, and keep very much nice space there and untouched from

..Enough AcidPope4II - SciFi -
Department of the Fartican, 
time to go for another dynamical stoning...

>And what's more, our wonderful innate reward mechanisms, "cheer" us along the way :-)

(...Was sagen sie als Unbeteiligter zum Thema Autismus (,LSD) und
Endorphinknall-Produktion..."?"   ;-)

Meaning losely translated: Yes, I have heard of that.

>> But more often than not, the healing of a depressive episode seems to have no clear reason.
Maybe the person is not watching himself well enough inside?

Or  it was not a  full healing, but the levels being a bit better, so
that the problem  is just delayed, but not the well-dealings with such
settings as such and steering in general.

As here in the schools the little toy-soldier is trained to become
possession of the ruling and man-soldier and shoot at their orders,
(I am still waiting for the EUrope-anthem (re)introduction of: 
"Westen, Westen, ueber alles, ueber alles.... diedelDumm")
might it be that ignoring who is to the right, left, donating
temporary bladder and maybe kidney health and control to someone esle
at command, 
and ignoring yourself,
and if you are good getting a lower "Zensur" for it,
at  least here might have to do with that?

Apart from having been so bright  to  brun the own healing knowledge
maybe from the dawn of  human time from many thousands of years ago,
collected over  thousands of years often by the most intelligent,
to then hop up as a  Vatican sensored censort sheep,
to proclaim the not  even  2  centuries of mental healing knowledge
THE  knowledge, no need to understand the old ones, nor even newer
ones, lagging  back even behind Scientology last I checked (about 7
years ago)....
Which certainly does not have to do with it, either,

nor sense-censored near-chimps' mammals taking people other the
mammals races apart,
partially alive, 
admiring  each other's  results, 
and having known basically since Alzheimer where all  brain-perceivers
I ever met perceived  themselves, where we roughly are,

and  yet blocking the data to  keep the other people to abuse.

Ei, is Hippocampal slicing not nice in other people?

And all  just watch and shut up.

The parliaments of the ruling looking away.
Be it for example genetic similarity human-chimpanzee, serum, brain, 
or with other mammals like us.

And all the carnivorous sheep nicely making maa-a-a-a-aaa,  in
sense-censored  refrain. 

The according systems' teaching places still not getting precise about
what was said about Jesus and other magicians can be done and how.
As that would give trouble with the Jesus-TITELians,
and who'd want  trouble  with the Titelians,
or  the Vatican,  that might be bad voting results for trying to
ruling those who might never have assented to it in the first place.

The Vatican still making good money, by the way, here in Germany
straight getting the money in via it's CDU semi-sheep tell shortly
ago, and another pack of rulers is not likely to  change that.

Would it be possible that the suppression of  the old and new

and boosting up of system branches,

and an according insurance systems,

are seeing to neurology is not spitting out the core-data where we
though MBDs on blocker-drugs are in the techno and other scenes, magic
groups or other places who know exchanging  often ways more then where
neurology is in understanding major contexts,
some of the overloadies adding their stuff,
in the Netherlands "synthie-trnsmitter-tests running with thousands
and hundredthousands in many capitals of Western Europe and  other
places as  their alive  guinea-pigs, fascinating data ignored,
the giga-junkying  hittings  the weirdest combis in, and most of  the
data ignored but in some insider circles,
psyjunkytry not taking a drug within the first healing session, but
drugging the people several days in a row and messing balances up,
they do not even understand, but they know how to make money,
the number of people possibly never counted who were drugged against
their will with unhealthy stuff, nor the number of people held
prisoner against their will nor the number of people gotten
will-broken and broken out recovery power and suiding afterwards, nor
the number of people drugged over the protection barriers and then
pushed to talk about their problems, then, afoter digging them  up,
often no advice given, and too many suiciding as is the according

till this day sense-censoredly babbling about THE mysterious
and till this day not even having understood that there are several
places conscious and thinking, and others in the brain that do not,
and that the body can not be ignored while wanting to understand "the

But I guess that...
>the healing of a depressive episode seems to have no clear reason...
is not to be mistaken by the sense-censored brain-non-understanding
and possibly junkying-in-others "insurances-cash-earning wether they
blunder or not" "healers"  (possibly not even living with the sun,
though they are south enough for it, nor with other rhythms) not
understanding basics?

As a good healer should be able to see to that and understand the
timing, as the  healing ceremony usually is time-set accordingly.

How do you want to heal well if you do not even understand that?

That is nearly like a clock-tuner saying he can't read the time.

>... Givensuch "tools", the whole set of dynamics "goes away", and folks are enabled to Choose...
Though not unlimited.
>experience the Wonder of Volition 
>with all of its inherent coupling to the biological reward mechanisms.

What precise expressing...

>> a network of understanding persons can at least postpone suicide until that
>> something snaps back to order in the brain.
So "that something" goes snappy, and then he is happy. 
Now, that was real simple to follow...

>>   I do not claim to understand depression, 

That would have nearly escaped me.

The snappy-happy :-) sounded so simplisticly effective,
and "that something" I like when explaining the brain, too.

That something in that something sometimes snaps back to whatever that

As Acid Pope 4II I can perceive the advantages of such prove-safe
terminology with Fartican-precision, 
Rat-undear sense-censored Unbrother...  ;-)

>>although I have experienced it some times earlier in my life. But I still to figure out ideas what it could
>> be about in the biological sense.
Data access denied  -<};-)=%%): mammal-not-as-people-accepter.)
(Unless not to do with neuro and you prove me that you else you'll see
to your premature expiring.)

>>>> that it should be engineered-out of the nervous system, ...

(THC-topic-jumping to fantasizing :-)

I'd like a building. Translucent. The sectors the size inside when
"seeing into my playground".
The water there, and  the rooms (maybe after some "switch-on') to be
made that I can make my brain to magical settings, and then that room
is reflecting that wave-set., also somehow  that it can be felt,
maybe holding a hand someplace - would have to think about that
And the eg.s also with recorded and then accordingly played energies.

In there tours for yourne(wo)man into the mind.
And I make the program display and show the pathways,
and how to steer, when they want to learn brainsurfing within

That'd be my day-dream engeered out side-building of a Temples of the
Mind areas, also when you want to heal people  and you want to show
them inside from own limbic sight.
For accessing you go to some of the places.

And from the playground for the Front Relay a rollercoaster!
Sort of loopingslingering through whereever to dock like in a soft
wall, very deep, maybe semi-opaque till  where the tone-set-in is and
then not further anything visible,
unless other  brainssurfers have front computer pictures.

(Maybe even made flexible, depending on who explaining the tour.)

Would need to try to get the brainsurfing of Earth there with their
different knowledge, maybe sometimes for sort of holidays,
and then make tours.
Everyone the areas they know,
and what they perceive there, 
even those where I thought they have parts unreal, but still giving
the exact location there.
Like THERE is one of the doors leading to... (Maybe something unreal.
Or something really going off there in their brain...  Maybe using
energy telepathy to get the sights "double":-)

4II Braindance...

>I've nailed down all aspects of what's been referred to as "depression", 
Your data is not counterverified as you being a subsector perceiver.
Therefore I doubt so. You do not even seem to be aware of major
differences between men and women.

>and can take everything down to the neural mechanisms.

To take anybody's neural mechanisms down will help very little,
if you want a cryptic prediction, as that is like shredding a
magic-dimensional picture.

Imagine a child torturing another child with the given reason to want
to take apart part  and  then more and more  of a rain-bow. 

If you simply watch complete rainbows, they are maybe more beautiful
and you get a lot about their energy-systems, comparing them?

Then if someone swaps the colours/energies you know, you might know
how it should be.

Just transfer that to Jesus docking in on yellow-shiny ranges or
magicians on others or healers of  the future also docking with
machines (possibly [also] with cells) with their brain and  then into
the mind,

neat sector-targetting maybe, 

maybe by then even floating ones or otherwise moveable  ones, 
used there 
nearly like  
today we might use an arm.

Cybermagic.  Far future

Actually your branch and some magic ones, (...if you'd all be
miraculously vanish forever 
into some far-galactic odd-species' labs
as they decided that you folks do so to others, 
so get procedures to be expected,
and also  can be asked best  before  being taken apart and having
eye-nerves cut and brain-parts taken out and some more modern
akasha-stuff done, ...

and could not do nosense with it,...)

would be a fascinating one to write science firction about, in this
age of Earth data running together.

> I'll be glad to demonstrate... in a Public

...If you were able to actually in yourself demonstrate, you could
become some day maybe one of the most efficient healers of Earth.
Though I somehow doubt you'd demonstrate such skill publicly, then.

>> > "Single experiments", no. But, through the diligent efforts of the experimentalists
imprisoning and mutilating other people and leaving stacks of corpses
>> >to allow everything to be cross-correlated at a verifiably-lasting foundation level. 
>>It's from that understanding that I write. ken
>> > collins

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