Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Andrea Chen fallinghawks at
Thu Oct 15 16:46:42 EST 1998

Cijadrachon wrote:

	Hello Mr. C:

	I must say I'm impressed by your writing. 

	As you've probaly heard by now (through the subliminal messages
threaded through the net by quantum connections) I've been elected kook
of the month which means that it's my job to fix the group

	Unhappily in the past this group has been dominated by "The sons of
Serdar" whose techniques have been primarily endless loops of name
calling on the part of both the "kooks" and the "normals."

	I hope to change that.

	To me a "kook" should be a being of enlightenment, a source of laughter
and ideas which scatter the dreary.  I feel you might meet that

	I was searching the Usenet groups looking for a kook to interview when
I noticed we had already had it. 

C> Why I don't do what?

ac>  Sorry I'll try to beam my thoughts more clearly.  My telepathy is a
ac>bit messed up from controlling muddled minds.  You can't imagine the
ac>disorder in alt.usenet.kooks and before that I was trying to reform
ac>the > aliens.

ac> Anyway the question was: Why don't you get rich off your powers?

C> Go to yankee-land and teach rich magic-randy nerd I do not even know
C> telepathy cause he has money up his arse, so I have him brainfuck me
C> for money?
C> And teach him how to do so with others?

ac> This makes sense.  I have heard that he's part of a conspiracy.
ac> Anyway I was reading the transcripts of your last interview.  I find
it interesting.

C> On the way out ten reporters' mikes up my arse to record any fart I
C> might make after that, and best some pictures out for telepaths to
C> "visit" me?

ac>  I have heard that the news media is involved in the plot to ac>
psychially enslave us. But how can we gain the powers to defend

C> If you are so much after it, why don't you go to India and learn
C> for serious and give the bloke his show and teach him how to screw
C> around in your brain and intrude into your depest privacy from any
C> distance?

ac>  That's a good idea.  It could have many uses...

C> And  your flurry excuse stuff you can stick somewhere;
C> I am not a showmaster.

ac>  I think you must have misread the channel.  It's Usenet which is a
ac> flurry excuse and I'm sorry you're not interested in running AUK in
ac> the future.  I feel you could be inspiring.  But anyway tell me more
about what you're not. 

C> Nor a magician.

ac> What are you?

C> I am an LSD teacher, and among my prime targets is that the students
C> agree to teach are coming down the other side psychologically O.K.
C> And so far all have, and  that is what within LSD teaching counts
C> among  most for me.

ac> But aren't there dangerous things within LSD?

C> That for me is my direct responsibility,
C> and the next to teach them  to take it alone without fear if
C> And there so far I have no "flurry"whatever record,

ac> I'm impressed.  That's better than Usenet.  And it has top ac>
scientists like Archimedes Plutonium on it.  I think the only one ac>
who comes close to your record is John Wisdom/

C> a record I am pround of.

ac>   I don't blame you.  Would yo consider marrying your techniques to

C> I am not your magic teacher nor for the rich and bored,
C> I am an LSD teacher, and playing around with sense-enhancing aspects
C> of LSD comes several "kilometers" after understanding some balance
C> changes within and between sectors.

ac> Wow!  That's way past Schwann.  But he mostly uses soft stuff.

C> LSD is called a hard drug. With right, and not for addiction, that is
C> less  than THC,  but for psychological dangers.
C> It is not some harmless magic toy,  for me to blaster some richie-boy
C> into subatomic magic space with, but one of  the most dangerous
C> substances for most people to take,
C> and most people of this planet I met I believe should not take it at
C> all.

ac> So it's kind of the chemical equivalent of a troll? 

C> And there I have not blundered so far as a teacher,

ac> Are you ever tempted?

C> And I guess if some richie-nerd randy for power would pop up here and
C> give me a million so I'd reformat his brain magically on LSD, I might
C> be tempted to jump over the first tasks of safe-guarding him, hail in
C> magic data until I feel  he has enough basics to get many basics of
C> magic but not enough to transfer to others himself,
C> which would not be against contract if not specified,
C> and then, if I am in an evil mood and I decided he really is a rich
C> nerd, maybe starting out with all I know about black magic making him
C> believe it belongs there,  and by the time he realizes that what I
C> alter in him subatomically is not correct, working on giving him a
C> psycho-crash for goodie, so that maybe he'll not have a good time
C> what I taught him, and might have to see to working on his inner
C> balances as a magician should.
C> And, if he survives, maybe after that he finds something better to do
C> with his money than hunting for magic power.

ac> So you believe in "tough love"
C> As you seem to.

C> Most people are like Tom Schuler; you are like someone running after
C> something in the magick rooms without really knowing what you want,
C> as you are obviously not able to discern serious magic data there
C> belief-nonsense and have been attacking  both,
C> and yet hover on there like a moth drawn to fire.

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