US behaviours are depressogenic

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> > The Inquisition against President Clinton,for example,is a very good example
> > of the underlying constant inquisition which exists,in the USA,against
> > pleasure.
> Reminds me about the story about the Japanese diplomat in Moscow, who
> was photographed in flagrante with a woman. The Russians showed him the
> photos in order to blackmail him. He delightedly asked them to give him
> the pictures "to send home to his wife, so that she does not think that
> I have lost my libido, but can be proud of me as a man".

Dear Dag,

Illuminating story!
I think lots of Latin people would react in a rather similar way...!!!
Not to speak about Asians!

>   Somehow I do not believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton gets any pleasure
> out of the Lewinsky tapes, stains and confessions. Does this illustrate
> your point or confuse it?

Obviously Hillary is certainly not pleased.Still,I wonder if she makes love
with her husband? I would not mind making love with her!!!

Clinton always look like a little child when he is with Hillary...

Best regards,


PS:You are in Helsinki?
A lovely,romantic,place,not to speak about the warmth of the women!

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