Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Tom Schuler duo at
Thu Oct 15 18:47:09 EST 1998

Andrea Chen wrote in message <36266D42.348F at>...
> As you've probaly heard by now (through the subliminal messages
>threaded through the net by quantum connections) I've been elected kook
>of the month which means that it's my job to fix the group

Congratulations, Doctress.  I always knew you had it in you.

> To me a "kook" should be a being of enlightenment, a source of laughter
>and ideas which scatter the dreary.  I feel you might meet that

You are an optimist, my dear, which is another quality kooks everywhere share,
albeit in mysterious ways.

>C> On the way out ten reporters' mikes up my arse to record any fart I
>C> might make after that, and best some pictures out for telepaths to
>C> "visit" me?
>ac>  I have heard that the news media is involved in the plot to ac>
>psychially enslave us. But how can we gain the powers to defend

Perhaps we may do so by having microphones shoved up our asses, as proto-kook
Cijadrachon suggests.

>ac> But aren't there dangerous things within LSD?

Yes, especially the D.

>C> a record I am pround of.
>ac>   I don't blame you.  Would yo consider marrying your techniques to
>ac>   kibo?

Does kibo have a record to be pround of?

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