Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Tom Schuler duo at
Thu Oct 15 10:07:58 EST 1998

Cijadrachon wrote in message <36240743.44485899 at>...
>And have you ever considered the advantages of thought disorders?

Of course I have.  However, they have their time and place.  That time and
place is not when one is attempting to explain external phenomena.

>Whenever someone comes up with thoughts you don't want to follow or
>hear, you just tell him: "Yes, I think the green is nice silence on
>the Heavenly Brimbelbim, too"
>Follow that with more incoherent sentences, and you might be amazed
>how fast the according person wil leave you alone, maybe forever.
>Heavenly Brimbelbim peace.

This only works if you are not seeking out others to spout such nonsense.  Then
they get angry.  Posting to Usenet is one way of seeking out others.  The
newsgroups you have selected are not garbage dumps for your stray aberrations.

>Apart from that "employ" telepathy already does not sound like a term
>I'd use to me, unless making fun for serious ;-)
>and that the use of "employ" there, apart from wrong for me, is nearly
>more like passive vocabulary for me,

Just as I thought.  You can't actually send and receive thoughts.  You are just
talking shit.  An honest man would not be playing those silly word games.  He
would be demonstrating his claims.  Those who can't back up their boasts with a
serious demonstration play word games instead.

>Actually I believe a powerful  telepath could thunderstorm-blast
>picture-frequencies into my head

What you believe is irrelevant.  It's what you can demnonstrate that is
important.  And you apparently can't demonstrate anything.

>>James Randi will payyou more than $1M American dollars for an exhibition of
your extraordinary
>>powers under conditions that exclude trickery and the results of which will
>>obvious to all observers as a paranormal event.
>Bad luck, it is normal extending energies into another brain.
>Common stuff, the sort you can lean the start of with a good teacher
>within 20 minutes to 4 hours if you are not totally unconcentrated.

So you are ducking the challenge and are admitting that your bombastic,
semi-coherent rants are not based in any demonstrable fact.

>> it is extremely likely that you are merely an empty braggart
>The braggart part is correct.   :-(
>Notice: LSD causes megalomania.  ;-)

LSD only enhances what is already there.  Don't blame the drug.  It's your
personal attitude that sucks.

>And  your flurry excuse stuff you can stick somewhere;

You keep flurrying and I'll keep pointing out what a silly little man you
really are.

>I am not a showmaster.

No, you're a bullshitter and a waste of time.

>Nor a magician.

No, you're a bullshitter and a waste of time.

>I am an LSD teacher,

No, you're a bullshitter and a waste of time.

>LSD is called a hard drug.

It is not.  You are displaying your gross ignorance again.  Or rather, you are
showing it still.

>And there I have not blundered so far as a teacher,

That's because you have nothing whatever to teach anyone.

>As you seem to, Tom Schuler; you are like someone running after
>something in the magick rooms without really knowing what you want,
>as you are obviously not able to discern serious magic data there from
>belief-nonsense and have been attacking  both,
>and yet hover on there like a moth drawn to fire.

I have invited you to back up your claims.  You have cravenly backed off in a
flurry of non sequiturs and pointless rants.  You are quite clearly a coward
and a fraud.

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