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Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Tom Schuler duo at teleport.com
Fri Oct 16 08:36:26 EST 1998

Cijadrachon wrote in message <362579e7.139369276 at news.zedat.fu-berlin.de>...
>"Tom Schuler" <duo at teleport.com> wrote:
>>Cijadrachon wrote in message
<36240743.44485899 at news.zedat.fu-berlin.de>...
>>>And have you ever considered the advantages of thought disorders?
>>Of course I have.  However, they have their time and place.  That time and
>>place is not when one is attempting to explain external phenomena.
>Did you take that one literal again, lol...
>You never learn it, do you..

Since I learn by observation and testing rather than simply making shit up
in my head, I do learn differently than you.  Perhaps you should think about
what you said.  There are indeed uses for controlled manifestations of
thought disorders, which is an idea you apparently find incomprehensible.
This is because you lack any experience in controlling such phenomena,
despite all your boasting about being an "LSD teacher"..

>>This only works if you are not seeking out others to spout such nonsense.
>You took that serious again? ...Keep practicing.

Again, you apparently say more true things when you think you are being
silly and more silly things when you think you are being true.  It's not
surprising, since you're head appears to be on backwards.

>Is that Tom Schuler talking, who  did not get the basics of magic in
>years and now tries to make it up comment after endless comment
>slagging off others displaying the most embarassing degrees of
>sense-censorship, and trying to make it up with aggression?

No.  You are confusing me with a picture in your head.

>Let me guess,

No.  I think we have let you guess quite enough.  Now is the time for you to
actually find something out, instead of merely guessing all the time.  You
have demonstrated no talent whatever at guessing accurately.

>>Just as I thought.
>Why do I think you think very little,

This is because you lack the wit to recognize thought at all.

>You are no doubt much better than I tromping into someone's maybe
>most-privately regarded zones in the head, re-axoning yourself if
>necessary accordingly probably just within one second, and then vibe
>around  in the other one. And I guess you don't just do it some
>meters, but straight around the planet and to some other galaxies.

You haven't got the hang of controlling that thought disorder yet.

>I guess judged by your deep magical insights:

Stop guessing.  And, since you say you are not a magician, you admit you are
unqualified to pass judgements on things magical.

>>An honest man would not be playing those silly word games.
>Ouh, I feel ever so unmanly know....    ;-)

Do you feel dishonest?  That was the point, you know.

>How about you are telling me what the exact point is anyway?

I have, but you are busy playing guessing games and haven't noticed it.

>I got the part that you have a bad mood you seem to try to get rid

You guess wrong so often that it is not surprising that you are almost
totally incoherent.

>I asume the latter is the case.

More guessing, also wrong.

>And I got that if anyone taught you magic for money you'd  break old
>magic laws (also of many newer ones), disregarding all student-teacher
>responsibility laws I ever heard of, and go mindfucking or whatever
>with the magic-randy richie-bloke, as long as you get money for it.

More guessing.  As usual, dead wrong.

>>>Actually I believe a powerful  telepath could thunderstorm-blast
>>>picture-frequencies into my head
>>What you believe is irrelevant.  It's what you can demnonstrate that is
>>important.  And you apparently can't demonstrate anything.
>Actually that one I did...

There goes that thought disorder again.  Telepaths making thunderstorms in
your head.  Perhaps you'd like to try a tinfoil hat.  Many psychotics use
that as the method of choice to prevent the evil baddies from beaming
thoughts and pictures into their heads.

>Since you have been babbling so much, bigmouth,

I find this comment hilarious.  You definitely have your head on backwards.

>So come here, claimer of practical  things.

Let's see if I can wind through all the non sequiturs, rants, and odd
masculine insecuries and get what you are saying.  You are asking me to
travel to Germany to get high on LSD with you so you can stare at my body
parts.  Is that about it?

I suggest you take up Andrea Chen's offer to train you as a proper kook.
You do have potential in that direction.

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