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Serotonin and Depression

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Fri Oct 16 16:56:00 EST 1998

[to all: some "vacations" are shorter than others :-) ken]

patanie at my-dejanews.com wrote:

> Re: Serotonin and Depression
> Auteur:                     kkollins
> Adresse réticulaire:    kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
> Date:                        14 Octobre 1998
> Agora:                       bionet.neuroscience
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> patanie at my-dejanews.com ecrivit:
> > Dear Ken,


> >immigrated to the U. S. from Québec Province, Canada),
> Yes,I know that millions of French Canadians lost their identity and culture
> through "assimilation" within the anglo-saxon "sea" of North-America.
> The "White Indians",as some say!
> In fact,the defeat of France,at Quebec,in 1763,is the beginning of the modern
> world embedded in "competition" and mercantile ideology.

I had a week-long visit to Montreal some years back, and found it most-pleasant.
Ever since, the folks in PQ have been in my heart... it so saddens me that there's
no room for the realization that the Wonder of Montreal derives in the "magic"
inherent in it's intercultural dynamics.

For myself, most of what's been "difficult" in my life stems from my Love my
homeland... Loving enables the doing of what needs to be done. It's a Sorrow that it
=is= the case that the "leadership" of the U.S. has lost its way... the Constitution
ceased to exist during the long night of the "Cold War"... the Freedoms guaranteed
within it do not exist anymore... rather, they've been "replaced" with un-Freedom
that's superficially "indistinguishable" from the real thing... kind of like how the
light in New York Harbor now shines only superficially, where it not-so-long ago
came from within... it's a Sorrow... the folks who've engineered such can't even
perceive the Tragedy in what they've almost accomplished... but they'll never break
the "key", so there's Hope for our Citizenry, and through our Hope, Hope for all
Folks, everywhere... Dr. Eiffel's vision was not misplaced... just displaced...
hopefully, not forever. ken

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