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Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 15 02:12:38 EST 1998


"Tom Schuler" <duo at teleport.com> wrote:

Stuff that indicated  that a brain-prothesis for some has advantages.

>Cijadrachon wrote in message <36240743.44485899 at news.zedat.fu-berlin.de>...
>>And have you ever considered the advantages of thought disorders?
>Of course I have.  However, they have their time and place.  That time and
>place is not when one is attempting to explain external phenomena.
Did you take that one literal again, lol...
You never learn it, do you..

But just keep practicing.
I am sure psycho-Frank is going to appreciate it.

>>Whenever someone comes up with thoughts you don't want to follow or
>>hear, you just tell him: "Yes, I think the green is nice silence on
>>the Heavenly Brimbelbim, too"
>>Follow that with more incoherent sentences, and you might be amazed
>>how fast the according person wil leave you alone, maybe forever.
>>Heavenly Brimbelbim peace.
>This only works if you are not seeking out others to spout such nonsense.  
You took that serious again? ...Keep practicing.
You'll get the hang, that's a good boy.

>they get angry.
Oh-oh....   ;-)

>The newsgroups you have selected are not garbage dumps for your stray aberrations.
Is that Tom Schuler talking, who  did not get the basics of magic in
years and now tries to make it up comment after endless comment
slagging off others displaying the most embarassing degrees of
sense-censorship, and trying to make it up with aggression?

Let me guess, you are going to have another  try at that,
as basically is all you do within some magic groups,
not even able to discern between crap and serious articles there.

>>Apart from that "employ" telepathy already does not sound like a term
>>I'd use to me, unless making fun for serious ;-)
>>and that the use of "employ" there, apart from wrong for me, is nearly
>>more like passive vocabulary for me,
>Just as I thought.  
Why do I think you think very little, 
and you did not even get the bit about employing?
Like if at all maybe being used as a joke-term, the way I might say:"
And then I employed soft ginger hints at the other's mental limits,
his lack of humour and "employing" reflecting what he might use magic
for and  maybe therefore no one having shown him, which frustrates
him, as he thinks that for him, personally, or someone with a million,
all are going to break the old protection laws to net in someone
aggressive or rich self-centered nerd..."

Might be translating "employ" to German that makes it sound utterly
tool-like and cold-impersonal.

Might sound weird, but if I hear you just use that word "employ" it
makes me think that it might be better if no one teaches you until you
learned that magic is not some "employ" tool thingie nor by old
tradition to be meant for the show of the rich. Here in Germany the
persecution has interrupted the balance systems, but I heard of a lot
of branches where such imbalancing did not take part and where usually
pretty much first of all you work years on your inner mental balances,
and maybe staying awake in dreaming, powering up physically, living a
certain style, and learn to sort of withdraw the "I" and possibly in
some branches to go through a row of tests, to check if innerly you
are far enough, before you get the first more serious stuff.
And a lot of branches target straight at inner balance stages of
certain levels as heighest aim there is, especially within some of
the powerful branches , and in the ones I heard about sort of
second-levels of Earth, a lot  is to do with healing or practical
stuff; in the latter case I guess  one could  use employ, though
somehow to me that sounds still odd.
As  if someone wre to say to me "I employ hearing".
Or employing "seeing". Or something like that

>You can't actually send and receive thoughts.
You are no doubt much better than I tromping into someone's maybe
most-privately regarded zones in the head, re-axoning yourself if
necessary accordingly probably just within one second, and then vibe
around  in the other one. And I guess you don't just do it some
meters, but straight around the planet and to some other galaxies.
I guess judged by your deep magical insights:
>You are just talking shit.  
So there are a few things were we thoroughly agree with each other.

>An honest man would not be playing those silly word games. 
Ouh, I feel ever so unmanly know....    ;-)

My male ego shall be so flattened by your admirable proto-male
displays, model for all of us lowly dishonest men to aspire.

> He  would be demonstrating his claims.  
Which claims exactly,  by the way?
Wanting loud buzzing in the heads of people who get on my nerves on
the net whenever they want to move a hand or finger to hit a letter
for their REs?
Just come here and we start with a BIG induction coil on your head to
enhance your manliness, and some smart cap.

>Those who can't back up their boasts with a
>serious demonstration play word games instead.
Do you?

How about you are telling me what the exact point is anyway?

I got the part that you have a bad mood you seem to try to get rid
off. And tell me about stuff that implies that either magic in your
land has gone a very different from here, or that you are basically
understanding nothing about it and try to make that rather unmanly
more blantantly obvious in pretty primitive ways.

As what semi-colleagues of more magical branches are into is usually
in congruence with other magical data around Earth that I heard, and
what you are saying sounds as if half of the time you do not seem to
understand what you are talking about,  I asume the latter is the

And I got that if anyone taught you magic for money you'd  break old
magic laws (also of many newer ones), disregarding all student-teacher
responsibility laws I ever heard of, and go mindfucking or whatever
with the magic-randy richie-bloke, as long as you get money for it.

>>Actually I believe a powerful  telepath could thunderstorm-blast
>>picture-frequencies into my head
>What you believe is irrelevant.  It's what you can demnonstrate that is
>important.  And you apparently can't demonstrate anything.

Actually that one I did... Though as obviously according humour
escapes you, MBD-contamplations about magical differences here would
be what we call Perlen vor die Saeue schmeissen.

And how nice that what I believe is irrelevant,
and  that you intend to come around for demonstration.

>>LSD is called a hard drug.
>It is not.  You are displaying your gross ignorance again.  Or rather, you are
>showing it still.

Come here within thenext days and ask what it is rated here.

(Though practically expressed: Above 
"the amount you need for full pupil-size twice"
I'd count it as dangerous for many, 
below full pupilsize as still fairly harmless for most.)

How about that one, since for you it is not hard:

Get a good load, do your mentioned demonstrating-bitsy and come here,
we meet at dusk at what translated is called the Devil's Lake.
The LSD amount where the eyes go full pupil size after one and a half
hours we exceed minimum 2 times more that (or more, just at least
enough to steer into where for non-stable ones might crash for good if
they do not know how to counter-balance),
and  then for 13 hours see to taking enough that the pupils  stay full
size within that time,
and go for a magical duel (know the days after wintersolstice would be
more proper... but don't know if I will be here this year... and doubt
you get such finer magic connections anyway...),
sitting 1-2 times your body lengths away from each other, 
and since you seem to like head-energy-telepathy, just that as a
waepon, no body chackra-points, no hands,
so just head-energies, but to target all points, so also body, 
and  generally all of those of lethally oriented black magic are O.K.,
up to killing the other, though not obligatory, when we still both
live at the end. 
No feud with other family members, if not.

Since you have been babbling so much, bigmouth, get here preferably
now around the (after-) new moon time,  when the nights are less
bright, and  the autumn rains we  often have are not too much in the
way yet.

If you can't grab clean stuff over there, we can go for stuff here in
Netherlands, though their's  is usually laced, but I know where to get
half-way decent stuff and the amount that is not just little baby
stuff, but where we can say how male exacly you are.
And since it is not hard drug for  you 
and since you just blabbed so much about practical sides, 
this should be zero problems for you, oh, ever so manly one.
And there should be zero reason for such an honest man like you to be
in the least bit worried to sit opposite someone who according to your
honest judgement knows nothing about teaching mor using LSD and magic.
And therefore should also not be able to "employ" ;-)  the "Boesen
Blick"of this old culture's witches even just in basiscs.

So according to your honest male whatever I'd  just be spending most
of thirteen hours staring at different areas of your body and head.

Should be completely safe for you, according to what you say. 

So come here, claimer of practical  things. 

Come on, find your excuse a magic duel between us will not take place
Not practical  enough to get here,
too  much whimp to take a load of LSD that's not for the whimpy,
too much whimp to have a magic duel between us at the Devil's Lake,
the old way,...
I am sure you'll find something to not accept the challenge but run.
Maybe with some insult wordies as excuse for not accepting, 
because that would fit you.  

Else come here within the next days, and we are going to take that

(Or shall I say "we" are going to subatomically reconfigurate just
ever so little (...13 hours later...) within you, which should not
disquiet you to the least, my dear...)

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