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To Cheng or anyone who knows and can tell me

K C Cheng kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com
Fri Oct 16 22:51:12 EST 1998

Cijadrachon wrote:
> =

> >> Has anyone ever really proven the existence of a single electron?
> >> Has anyone ever managed with machines to perceive an electron?
> =

> >> (Quite possibly this is nonsense, just if I were working on what you=

> >> do, I'd wonder about that point.)
> =

> >I think the existence of electrons was initially more mathematically
> >proven than actually being observed. However, accumulated evidence in
> >physics and chemistry has proven its actual existence. =
> =

> "Accumulated evidence..."
> In short: HAS anyone SEEN one ever with some machine.
> =

> Is there any single existing picture or something like that
> of one single electron?
> =

> And no guessing, I am serious: Have you or anyone ever seen a picture
> of one single electron or can tell me where I can find such a picture?
> =

> Cheng, if I were you I'd  get such a picture.
> =

> Just of fun calculate through for the brain and other stuff if there
> were no electrons and the stuff were instead sort of a roundish
> "layer-energy" hull/halo.... !
> =

> And then stick your photon theories slightly altered in again.
> =

> Ciyadrachon
I certainly have no way of seeing an electron.  I doubt even those high
energy physicists have seen it.  However, let me assure you tht if we
count our static sparks, electrons do exist.  And, if we accept
Einstein's  theory on photoelectricity,  quanta of energy can be even
included into an electron.  Even in physics, lots are proved by maths or
other types of theorization.  Not everythig real can be seen by naked
eyes or microscopes.  Even the DNA structure surely cannot be seen, but
surely proven by genetic experiments to be real and correct.
Have you seen  radio [electromagnetic] waves.  But do they exist?  If
they don't, we would not have been watching TV, . . ..
TVs do prove radiowaves exist!
By the way, the fellow, I believe, Dr. Niel Bohr, who mathematically
demonstrated the existence of electrons, did win a Nobel Prize.  So did
Watson & Crick for "getting" the DNA structure right without ever seeing
the molecule itself as drown in books today.
So, people know that not everything scientific and real is  "visible."

kccheng =BEG=ABa=B8s

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