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Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 16 17:08:05 EST 1998

>Since I learn by observation ...

I recommend on your observation, then

>This is because you lack any experience in controlling such phenomena,
I am sure you know all within me that I ever experimented with.
>despite all your boasting about being an "LSD teacher"..
That was not much of a boasting, you just are thought disordered
enough to perceie it so, 
and since you said that you do not believe I am, I guess that topic
has been dealt with.

>Again, you apparently say more true things when you think you are being
>silly and more silly things when you think you are being true. 
Did I ever mention that when someone  asked me to name  the two cards
fascinating me most of a tarot deck it wre the jester and the
magician, the jester even more than the magician, and  when she asked
me to draw one out of the pack it was one of them two, forget which
And I'd say how often I am true with a lot of stuff you'd have to be
rather MBD to know, or know a lot of folks who are, to understand more
about differences.
Also, just by the way, sometimes when the front is stoned and I am
short of collapsinng with laughter it is possible that I do not censor
some of the stuff I usually censor out  that much anymore.
> It's not surprising, since you're head appears to be on backwards.
That tends to allow a good judging of backwardish matters.

>>Is that Tom Schuler talking, who  did not get the basics of magic in
>>years and now tries to make it up comment after endless comment
>>slagging off others displaying the most embarassing degrees of
>>sense-censorship, and trying to make it up with aggression?
>No.  You are confusing me with a picture in your head.

Actually more with bunches of posts that some sense-limited aggressive
nerd not understanding even basic magic perception stuff, yet trying
to aggro around, must have been sending off in your name, then.

>>Why do I think you think very little,
>This is because you lack the wit to recognize thought at all.

It seems to work with most other people.
Oddly enough just with you and some very few others usually not.

>You haven't got the hang of controlling that thought disorder yet.
Talking to yourself again?
Just for fun: Where do  you think in your head?

Maybe you are not using areas of the frontal cortex enough and heed
influences of areas of your hypothalamus too much?

>>... judged by your deep magical insights:

>... since you say you are not a magician, you admit you are
>unqualified to pass judgements on things magical.

You are having a little thought disorder again.

What you say is about the equivalent of someone saying: "Since  you
are not an artist you are unqualified to tell one colour from the next
and do judgements concerning that.

>>And I got that if anyone taught you magic for money you'd  break old
>>magic laws (also of many newer ones), disregarding all student-teacher
>>responsibility laws I ever heard of, and go mindfucking or whatever
>>with the magic-randy richie-bloke, as long as you get money for it.
>More guessing.  As usual, dead wrong.

The how did you get from me when stoned trying to get neuros to
install loud buzzing thingies in the heads of (hallihallo!) certain
people and coils on the top of their head and smart caps,
to insisting I must do stuff to do with breaking old magic Balance Law
to do with some man I do not even know  nor if he is into White Magic
or at least into Grey Magic?
Not  even telling me if the bloke is suited for LSD and if so how much
you estimate one can stick into him before risking having to play

>>>>Actually I believe a powerful  telepath could thunderstorm-blast
>>>>picture-frequencies into my head
>>>What you believe is irrelevant.  It's what you can demnonstrate that is
>>>important.  And you apparently can't demonstrate anything.
>>Actually that one I did...
>There goes that thought disorder again.  Telepaths making thunderstorms in
>your head.  Perhaps you'd like to try a tinfoil hat.  Many psychotics use
>that as the method of choice to prevent the evil baddies from beaming
>thoughts and pictures into their heads.

This one is so beautifully showing how much you understand about
telepathy that I'd like to leave it elsewise uncommented for those
into magic to admire your understanding in such things.
And your vast sense of humour.

>>So come here, claimer of practical  things.
>Let's see if I can wind through all the non sequiturs, rants, and odd
>masculine insecuries 
Oh, I feel ever so masculinely insecure my dear, and admire such
masculine  displays like yours.
I knew you little big-mouth would not go for a challenge up to death.

>and get what you are saying.  You are asking me to
>travel to Germany to get high on LSD with you so you can stare at my body
Certain ones, like into your thymus a little bit longer for some
detail work, and  if I can breach past your barriers, to places in
your  brain.
If you put  your fingers behind your ears, more lower, several
centimeter  in from there, not just one energies-group-structure I'd
like to alter just some bitsies within you.  And some less  important
systems within other places in the body.
Though not just magically staring into all your body parts, 
into the middle of the sternum and into your thymus for such stuff I
tend to prefer. Would not make you drop dead straight, no trouble with
the police, though back to whereever you crawled out from, eventually
you might have just an itsibitsy of trouble with your immune system
and then expire.

>Is that about it?


(Though it is considerably more tricky than it sounds.)

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