Can a human being remember pain ?

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Sat Oct 17 12:33:45 EST 1998

tom gee wrote:

> [...]  My point is how can you remember pain when you REALLY
> can't remember anything else no matter how clear you think it seems.

2 + 4 = 4, therefore, I Remember.

> [...] The question I have is what makes pain hurt like it does --- when if does?

What makes vision "see"? "Pain" is "just" somatic "seeing" of ongoing tissue
damage... just like vision is the "seeing" of ambient electromagnetic radiation
within a certain range of frequencies ("light")...  the energy is transduced in a
way that's comprehensibly-mapped (in that all loci within the nervous system have
Geometrical rationale with respect to the transduced energy) within nervous systems,
with respect to the requirements of Life... this's all any "sensation" is... a
mapping of crucial enviromental factors  into the body in a way that enables the
body to take action with respect to the environment in which it exists...
"sensation" =just= represents what is, in the environment in a way that's conducive
to the nervous systems' guiding our Lives =up= the external energy-concentration
gradient that is what's described by 2nd Thermo... climb that gradient, find
Truth... "sensation" is "just" the (Awesomely Beautiful!) internal representation of
the external energy gradient...  (I'm not =trying= to be "cryptic" :-)


Cheers, ken

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