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Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 16 17:07:59 EST 1998

"Tom Schuler" <duo at teleport.com> wrote:
>Since I learn by observation and testing rather than simply making shit up
>in my head, I do learn differently than you.
I have noticed  that though  you are babbling about magick for months
you did not get past  the first month of training  yet,  
yet seem to proclaim that your  judgements about what others  say are
ever so correct...  I have noticed that you learn differently.
With me for a lot of  stuff  if  other people tell it to me  I run it
through sort of an internal matching program  and  with some also take
into account taht their head might  have a different cell number than
mine and maybe different sector cooperations and possibly different
genetic aspect, and if the answer  is 100% : not possible,
then  I might make some of the comments  along the line  you do.
I suggest within your learning with stuff like magick you first  find
someone  to  teach YOU, and  then judge what some of the people say
within alt.magick or other places.

>  Perhaps you should think about what you said. 
I graciously allow you a head-start in that,
for example if yo uahve a post saying "stoned" somewhere,
and where parts obviously are merrily fooling around or going
SciFi-ing, to take all in there literal, heehee.
And with some I suggest you understand more about where you think in
your head in the first time,  what happens if you shunt back to older
functions for magic perceiving, and once knowing more  about such
stuff opening your ... again for commenting what others say within
that area.
And I recommend you first go brain-akasha-surfing with some MBDies
before you do, because what  is one  way in your head is not
necessarily exactly the same in all others.

>There are indeed uses for controlled manifestations of
>thought disorders, which is an idea you apparently find incomprehensible.
>This is because you lack any experience in controlling such phenomena,
>despite all your boasting about being an "LSD teacher"..

I am sure Tom, that you know all mental experiments I ever made. 
And the latter  is not boasting, it is what I do,
and  also my main studying field. I teach newies or people after
specific LSD-data that I know enough 
about LSD usages.

I never  said that I am THE supergenius in it,  if anything I'd say
that some of what I do is quite different from what I heard from some
other guides and  teachers, and that the few others I do know about
are teaching partially quite different stuff.

>>You took that serious again? ...Keep practicing.
>Again, you apparently say more true things when you think you are being
>silly and more silly things when you think you are being true.  

Maybe I know that when I am silly some is more true,
when I am half under the chair with laughing and the front is too
drugged it sometimes becoes more difficult to apply appropriate

Did I ever mention that among tarot cards the jester and the magician
are  of highest  fascination  and the jester more than the magician?

And that by religion I am a GUGU?

>It's not surprising, since you're head appears to be on backwards.

That tends to give such interesting sights to what is behind you.

>>Is that Tom Schuler talking, who  did not get the basics of magic in
>>years and now tries to make it up comment after endless comment
>>slagging off others displaying the most embarassing degrees of
>>sense-censorship, and trying to make it up with aggression?
>No.  You are confusing me with a picture in your head.

Actually more loads of your Res in other rooms.

You were one of the very few were I did not even  bother to download

About the only other one coming to mind at the moment where I do not,
is some guy calling himself Ambassador of Mankind and rambling forever
against Ron Hubbard,  of whom some folks told  me that he is dead and
has been for years.

In other words there is a lot of crap I might still download, and to
selectively bother to remeber names where I don't means that that is
quite extreme.

With you for all I recall  I read  your posts and  decided that you
understand nothing about magick, and are basically taking your moods
out on people talking about it, and seemed  to expect that in a room
for exchange for practicers of magic people talking to each other
about it must keep it the way that the ones keeping themselves
sense-censored like Vatican sheep can follow.
Sort of like someone blind interrupting a discussion between painters
at a painter's meeting and insisting that all  they say about colours
and making pictures with it cannot be and that they are obliged to
prove him that there is a difference between colours,
making a total fool of himself, interrupting the discussions between
others, to babble his incompreheding aggressive bla.

>>Why do I think you think very little,
>This is because you lack the wit to recognize thought at all.

With others it seems to work, just with you the result is rather small
or  not there at all. Odd.

>>...judged by your deep magical insights:
>...since you say you are not a magician, you admit you are
>unqualified to pass judgements on things magical.

Not being a magician does not mean that I have zero knowledge about
magic perception.

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