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Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Tom Schuler duo at teleport.com
Sun Oct 18 00:48:44 EST 1998

Cijadrachon wrote in message <36279008.23280455 at news.zedat.fu-berlin.de>...
>"Tom Schuler" <duo at teleport.com> wrote:
>>Since I learn by observation and testing rather than simply making shit up
>>in my head, I do learn differently than you.
>I have noticed  that though  you are babbling about magick for months
>you did not get past  the first month of training  yet,

Since you have already admitted your lack of knowledge of magick, how, then,
is it that you now are aware of the curriculum?  Perhaps you learned it by
the telepathy you won't be bothered to demonstrate.

>yet seem to proclaim that your  judgements about what others  say are
>ever so correct...

Go back through the posts I've made and find a quote from me that proclaims
that my judgements about what others say are correct.  You made that up,
just as you make up everything else you post.  All you have so far posted is
nothing more than your mental diarrhea.

>I suggest within your learning with stuff like magick you first  find
>someone  to  teach YOU, and  then judge what some of the people say
>within alt.magick or other places.

Since you admit your ignorance of the subject, your advice as to how to
successfully proceed with it is worse than useless.

>>There are indeed uses for controlled manifestations of
>>thought disorders, which is an idea you apparently find incomprehensible.
>>This is because you lack any experience in controlling such phenomena,
>>despite all your boasting about being an "LSD teacher"..
>I am sure Tom, that you know all mental experiments I ever made.

You took some drugs and now you think you know everything.  Fruitcakes like
you wander aound the homeless shelters in every city in the world.  You'll
be one of them before much longer.

>And the latter  is not boasting, it is what I do,

Uh huh.  You post evry stupid babbling rant to Usenet and think that you are
a "teacher".  Indeed, you are.  You teach people what a buffoon you are.

>I never  said that I am THE supergenius in it,

That much is obvious, even to you.  What you are missing is that you
actually know nothing except how things feel inside your own fantasies.

>>Again, you apparently say more true things when you think you are being
>>silly and more silly things when you think you are being true.
>Maybe I know that when I am silly some is more true,

And maybe you don't.

>Did I ever mention that among tarot cards the jester and the magician
>are  of highest  fascination  and the jester more than the magician?

So you've been reading the little booklet that came with your cards, eh?
Then you took a bunch of LSD and discovered the secrets of the ancients.
Boy, if I had a nickle for every flake who thought that, I'd be offering my
own $1M prize.

>>It's not surprising, since you're head appears to be on backwards.
>That tends to give such interesting sights to what is behind you.

You're just looking up your own ass, kiddo.

>In other words there is a lot of crap I might still download, and to
>selectively bother to remeber names where I don't means that that is
>quite extreme.

Yeah, that short-term memory loss sure makes paying attention to details a

>With you for all I recall  I read  your posts and  decided that you
>understand nothing about magick,

Of course, you decided that because I didn't flatter your stupid rants.
Since you think you know all this stuff, even though you haven't given a jot
of indication that you have actually done any serious study, just stuffed
your head with hallucinogens, anyone who doesn't think you're some kind of
enlightened teacher must be understanding nothing.

>>This is because you lack the wit to recognize thought at all.
>With others it seems to work, just with you the result is rather small
>or  not there at all. Odd.

Others?  I haven't seen a single post from anyone which takes anything you
say seriously.

>>...since you say you are not a magician, you admit you are
>>unqualified to pass judgements on things magical.
>Not being a magician does not mean that I have zero knowledge about
>magic perception.

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