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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 16 21:25:24 EST 1998

>1. One can't treat "consciousness" apart from the ambiant energy
>dynamics in the "external" environment.
- ?

>3. A nervous system is able to "know" that it's functioning is
>"appropriate" to the degree that its internal energy-flow is an inverted
>image of the external energy dynamics in which its host organism exists.
>The inversion is correlated with the nervous system's anti-wdb2t
>proclivity... it climbs the wdb2t gradient... that's where all the "good
>stuff" is... that is, that's where energy is relatively abundant.
- ?
>4. In order to enable the work inherent in this climbing of the wdb2t
>gradient, nervous systems incorporate "servo mechanisms".
What servo mechanisms  where exactly?
>5. "consciousness" is the the differential activation of the stuff of 4,
>above, relative to the directionality of an organism's internal energy
>dynamics with respect to the wdb2t gradient, and goodness-of-fit with
>respect to such.
Cuold you have the goodness-of-fit to tell me more about the "stuff"
itself, define "consciousness" a little more  precisely, tell me more
about what yo umean with directionality, shortly go again the wdb2t
gradient and - if such should git there - physical exactl locations of
stuff to do with it, and a little more precise stuff about metnioned
differential activation?

>I challenge all folks who study "consciousness", not only folks in
>sci.psychology.consciousness, to come up with anything that needs
>anything more than these few words.

Consciousness is a b.s. term of people not really understanding well
what areas of the brain are good for nor interrelations.
A vague expression to summon  up vague concepts.

For me myself conscious translates to (German) beWUSST, which I
widened a little to for me in my personal language mean the areas that
do have "I"-perception.

In Plural consciousnesses.

As I do not feel like talking about them, therefore I cheat and this
definition is shorter than yours.  ;-)

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