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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 16 19:37:25 EST 1998

>I am looking for latest studies that show the influence of malnutrition 
>> >on the brain development of babies. I am also looking for references of 
>> >experimental work done on animals showing this influence. 
>> Are we having no starved babies or very malnutritioned ones dying
>> early anymore? 
>> Or, if it  really interests you, are  you just too lazy to find out
>> where and go there?
>To Cijadrachon:
>You are certainly not scientific at all.
No, nor do I think much of a lot of sense-censoring science, often
blindly theorizing.    I guess taking people of the other races
instead of going to places where babies are malnutritioned and die is
ever so much more scientific.

>An actually starving baby suffers from too many negative
>factors (including lack of proteins, lack of vitamins,...)
>and basically leads to death. We don't need to travel far
>to see that.

Actually here from Berlin you might have to travel a little for that.
But I do not know enough about Mexico city or other places near the
USA or whereeer you are to be sure hwo far it would be from there.

>A scientific investigation doesn't work that way.

Well, I would  have thought to sort of do some stuff some people might
consider evil and pay some  mothers whose babies died so one can cut
up their heads and examine enough of that and ask the mothers before
about food conditions would be rather scientific.

>Um... I hope you are NOT racist at all. Though you may be.

For me races are quite different, and if you abuse someone of another
race to get data for your own race depending on what it is you are
after the differences might be so big, that in cases like someone
(?Dag) mentioning doing it for (THE) depression stuff it simply seemed
plain stupid to me.

>If you have payed any attention to a real science journal
With a lot I prefer  to look straight into my brain, as it is so weird
at times, that what is normal for it some other people do not even
believe me, and what is normal for some other people is not so within
me, and sometimes I have trouble even imagining it.
>(ie. one where the article submissions are reviewed by
>elected fellow scientists),
Oh, great, sense-censored Westie-censored stuff.
> you'd see that the difference
>in physiology among race is almost entirely
>statisically insignificant.

Sure, if I look into or behind another face it is  just like mine,
zero difference.

I just need to read some more journals,
then I am going to perceive, too, that there is basically zero
difference in smell, colour, shape, brain-stuff and magical capacities
between me and others.

Any other jokes?

And maybe with malnutrition instead of seeking causes forever it might
be more efficient to try to see to that mothers have the means to eat
well  enough and live healthily enough so that they milk they give is

If seeking to waste  money or time on something along that line  I
guess there are enough places around the globe where to invest it

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