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Sun Oct 18 01:21:34 EST 1998

Forgive me while I continue... there are advantages inherent is the path
I've followed, and these, for me, make what is "difficult" for others
"easy"... so, since the price has been paid, I might as well share with you
the purchase. What's here will be "difficult", but that's only because it'll
be unfamiliar to you folks. It's in me to have the hope that, after the dust
settles, you'll dare to consider what's here... explore and evaluate it,
each in your own ways.

First, I've got to "clear the air" a bit. The sorrowful thing is not not
receiving this or that "award". The sorrowful thing is that folks would
think that the work was done so as to receive "awards". "Awards" are just a
means for folks to say, "Yeah, yeah, whatever.", and then go on their ways
as if nothing's ever transpired. So, if I've been too clumbsy in eschewing
the former thing, it's because I wish to bridge to you over the latter
thing. My "award" is in being able to Hope for you... don't think this an
"aw shucks" thing, such Hope is a priceless "gem", its worth well-known to
me... I mean, no one need think, "Such a pitiful man" on my behalf.

"Air cleared", although I cannot see beyond it, I can see that wdb2t is
something like the "face" of God... and it's in the way that our nervous
systems, through and through, reflect wdb2t that it is that we have been
created in the image of God (I told you this'd be "difficult"... what is it
about Science, all confident in itself, that causes it to so unconfident in
itself when the topic is God? It's the work of the Beast, "Abstract
Ignorance"... the absence of understanding of how our nervous systems
process information. This Ignorance literally grows within the living flesh
of nervous systems... it has actual Life within folks. And it is this
"Beast", alive within folks that, literally, Dictates to folks that they
"must ravage" anyone and anything that's unfamiliar to them. I can tell you
to look at "Yugoslavia", or I can tell you to look at the plights of folks
starving in Africa, or I can tell you to look at the history of slavery here
in the U. S., and elsewhere, I can tell you to look at the genocide of the
Native Americans, I can tell you to look at the suffering of the Jews, the
Palestinians, the Catholics, the Children in the Ghettos... but I won't.
Rather, I'll tell you to just look into your hearts, and see how it is that
the Beast Dictates what you "shall be".

What's that you say, "Not me?"

Well, what's the reason you don't lift your voice against hatred? What's the
reason that you don't lift your voice against any Child's being abandoned by
society? You "can't afford to save every Child"? No, that can't be it,
because you're paying dearly already for every Child that's abandoned by
society, aren't you? So it can't be money, or your inability to earn enough
of such that leads you to abandon the Children. You don't have enough "time"
to save every Child? It's hard enough to just try to keep your own Children
out of harm's way? I understand that it's so... but =why= is it so?

It's the work of the Beast, living within you, flesh of your flesh... in the
haphazardly-accumulated learning that's been handed down from one generation
to the next since the beginning... learning, encoded right there, in the
microscopic trophic modifcations of your nervous system which encode all
learning... right there in your flesh... alive... Dictating to you what your
lives "will be"... because you do not understand how nervous systems process
information... because you do not understand the nature of the problems that
confront your nervous systems, and what's required of your nervous systems
in the absence of an understanding of how they blindly automate their
"decisions" with respect to problems that are of infinitely-large scope...
absent that understanding, your nervous systems are blind, and they just
exist as if on automatic-pilot... and haphazard things lead to tragedy like
the two military planes that collided in the night off the coast of Africa
earlier this year... flying in the night on automatic pilot... all real
decision-making turned off... it's how you are when your understanding is
the haphazardly-accumulated stuff that's been handed down across the
millenia... I mean, look at your situations... I marvel over such... you're
so "cordial" when "decorum" calls for such, yet the very-same-you turns your
back upon those who suffer? Can't you see that the latter thing denies the
validity of the former thing, reducing it to nothing more than a declaration
of Falsehood? And you cannot even catch a glimpse of the fact that this
incongruence in your beings is the =only= thing that leaves you "without
enough 'time'" to lift up every Child, which would put an end, forever, to
what's been the ever-augmenting fear... the thing that reduces personal

Have you tried to buy something for an-obviously-having-little
stranger-Child lately? You know, just walk up to the Child, and hand the
Child a toy that you'd purchased for the Child? It doesn't have to be much
of anything... maybe hand the Child some change while in the corner store,
so the Child can purchase some candy? I've been able to observe the trend
with respect to such because I've done this all my life... these Children
are my Children... and you know what? You can measure the ever-augmenting
fear that's the ambient "norm" in the steadily-more-fearful reactions of the
Children... when I was young, there was never any hesitation... the Child
was surprised, and grateful in that awe-filled way that Children have... but
over the years, thing've changed greatly... and it makes one want to weep to
see the burden of fear that the Children carry... why is it so? The Children
who were abandoned by society mature to become predators who've never
escaped the "fall" inherent in their Childhood abandonments... so, you can't
say you've not enough money to help the Children... you're paying dearly,
anyway... paying for ever-increasing police protection, paying for
ever-increasing prisons... but the dearest payments that the Beast extracts
from you are in terms of the fear with which your own Children live... and
in your own fear. Have you tried, lately, to walk the streets of any major
city by yourself at night? Of course I don't reccomentd such... it's not
safe... sad, isn't it? And it's more that you're paying for dearly with what
would, otherwise, be the stuff of your Life... whole realms of former
freedoms are being stripped away, increasingly... do you think that, while
doing nothing, things'll, somehow, "get better" of their own accord?

Globally, the very-same dynamics underpin tha augmenting of terrorism...
instead of individuals, or gangs, it's terrorists... and the curve is about
the same.

That leads back to wdb2t... if you don't constantly do work to climb the
wdb2t gradient, guess what? wdb2t "just" keeps on taking away from you
=everything= that's dear to you... forever, inexorably. And guess where that
leads? It leads, with certainty, to Horrible events in the future... just
follow the curve... when it starts to look vertical, you can be =certain=
that savagery will Dictate to you "what your 'life' will be... in the
absence of understanding of how nervous systems process information, nothing
else can happen... leaders can strategize and take action, but in the midst
of augmenting TD E/I, such actions can =only= "just" goose the curve higher,
because as TD E/I augments, reactivity within a population increases, and
when this or that unfamiliar action is taken, it's only reacted to all the
more quickly, and all the more forcefully... look and see all of this in
your everyday lives... in your Children's reactions to seemingly anything
you try... to the augmenting "buzz" re. terrorism... it's all happening...
just look and see... I'm not making anything up... open your eyes, look and

But you don't know what to do because you don't understand how nervous
systems process information, and be-cause it's so, you resort to the old,
familiar, haphazardly-accumulated "remedies"... you periodically stomp hard
on everything that's unfamiliar to you... when societies do such, it's call

There's a better way. It is to comprehend, as we were created to be able to
comprehend, how your nervous system seeks to climb the energy gradient that
is wdb2t... when you do that, one thing becomes immediately apparent... each
berson is attracted to that which has become familiar within her/his
experience... but what if folks experience differently... they'll each
become familiar with, and therefore, attracted to, different stuff... and
furthermore, because they're attracted to different stuff, they'll also
behave in ways that are unfamiliar to you. Guess what? Their unfamiliar
behavior is just the opposite of what your nervous system will be attracted
to... but wait a minute... the only thing that's really happened is that
you've experienced A and they've experienced B... and, yet, you're willing
to kill each other over this circumstance which, because neither you nor the
other person understands how nervous systems process information by blindly
minimizing TD E/I (which is what climbing the wdb2t gradient is), has zero
information-content that can distinguish "right" from "wrong"... think about
it... you're willing to fight... to kill... over what's actually
=nothing=... "Homo Sapiens"? =Yes=... it's just that you've been in the
merciless grasp of the Beast, Ignorance, bowing down to it, pledging your
feilty to it... kissing its butt... and it repays your worship by ravaging
you... and you cannot see it for what it is?

Now, this is a Science place, so don't run away ("frightened"), 'cause I'm
going to point right to Christ... Christ sorted all of this out for us 2000
years ago. Don't take my word for it, look and see for yourselves. (I'll
help you, though, if you're unfamiliar with Christ... which, I understand,
is the familiar thing in Science.)

Christ gave us Truth... I can't explain how it could be so, but I can
demonstrate that He did comprehend how our nervous systems process
information, and that He was Lovingly Teaching us with respect to such.

There's so much more, but it's been the case that folks've bailed out at
this point in the past... Christ is too unfamiliar, and even though you
validate everything I'm sharing with you through your own behavior, you
don't care... it's the Beast, Ignorance, Dictating to you what it is that
you "shall be".

Still, I Hope for you and your Children. ken collins

P. S. If the sponsors of this place insist that you "move away from", please
state their decision to me explicitly. I guard Free Will... but I don't
"guess" with respect to such.

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