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Serotonin and Depression

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 16 21:25:30 EST 1998

(Currently) Patanie's post has been among the few interesting ones for
me I read lately.
If you'd ever feel like talking about cultures and people in
comparison that would interest me.

>I am not making scientific research in order to express my ego,in front of
>others and crush them,as scientists do in the USA .I am researching only to
>get intellectual pleasure. So writing my "original name",everywhere,is not
>the point at all in my mind !!! I change my nicknmames according to my
>mood.It is pleasant. 
>...These variations have personal meanings for me and I found,for example,the
>competitive attitude of Mr LeFever,mentioning these variable nicknames,as
>quite childhish and futile.

The Frankensteins delighting in other's eye-nerves cut might not be
the kind to think about names much unless long would scientific terms
often to me seeming rather unfitting, much easier and more to  the
point ones coming to mind in abundance.
And personally I must say that one of the best ages I ever had was the
age of six, and that I value it highly till this day and feel regrets
for  the people who have seem to lost it so far.
But then again I guess moving to far away from internal settings of
that time they are losing a lot, and in my eyes that is their loss.

A lot of  the ages have advantages, and though maybe not able to reset
"the clocks" to  there to some degree playing around in them is
possible, and with some drugs even more so, though not very  healthy,
and those not liking to play inside or in other forms but seriously
grumping through live when looking back at it at the end might get
"their own rewards".    ... I usually find it far easier to remember
the self-namings of people than names their parents gave to them at
birth. Self-names usually fit in some ways, other names might be like
"Michael, number 38".

...And Frank's spiritual development to me seemed lower than that of
some people here I met in their teens.
With some they just seem so in the start, but then they can shift like
people shifting masks, but then there are those where one starts to
get the impression that the person is so much the masks that they do
not really understand  themselves well anymore.

>My real name has no importance whatsoever as we are,all,just "bacteria" in
>this huge Cosmos...bacteria doomed to a permanent death. No time for our

Oh, me good old ego-LSD-megalomaniac is finding plenty of ego-time
nearly effortlessly -  and I enjoy it.  Grin...
Maybe I am too much "ego" literally in order not to?
Though actually quite seriously I have been wondering if those with
more cells  and connections might be "wider spread and less


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