Serotonin and Depression

Terry Smith terrys at
Sun Oct 18 16:40:45 EST 1998

> From: kkollins at
> Date: 14 Oct 1998 16:44:29 PDT

> The only way that I can see that shows strong promise is to fore-arm
> folks with understanding that enables them to comprehend the
> necessities inherent in our nervous

Come and see the neccesities inherent in the system?

I have studied Psych and Neurobiology, and have come across nothing like
the jargon-ridden psychobabble [relative to neuroscience]y you wrote. I'm
sure it is the result of a lot of study - but not neuroscience. There was
not one iota of quantifiable or testable statement in your whole screed.

The blithering druggie from Germany is bad enough. Why not take this to a
philosophy group? As one who has suffered endogenous depression, I find
your spew-age babbling quite offensive and utterly irrelevant.

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