To Cheng or anyone who knows and can tell me

Cijadrachon cijadra at
Fri Oct 16 19:37:17 EST 1998

>> Just of fun calculate through for the brain and other stuff if there
>> were no electrons and the stuff were instead sort of a roundish
>> "layer-energy" hull/halo.... !

>> And then stick your photon theories slightly altered in again.

>I certainly have no way of seeing an electron.  I doubt even those high
>energy physicists have seen it. 
According to Res I got posting the question elseplace they have not.
Looking at some transmitter-picture models thought so.
 Even in physics, lots are proved by maths or

>Have you seen radio [electromagnetic] waves.  
I am not sure. I dimly recall stuff around the antenna ov my radio
once one some sense-enhancer, and once bunches of stuff in the air,
thought here I could not tell  what  that was.
Looked like the air being jammed with artificial ranges.
But I have no idea what they were.

>But do they exist?  
Sure. Odd questiond
>If they don't, we would not have been watching TV, . . ..
If I am not mistaken their high tones I have always been hearing.
>TVs do prove radiowaves exist!
Odd logic that I cannot follow, though I once had an old  T.V. tht
could catch part  of the radio waves and the police babbling here and
some other stuff.

>By the way, the fellow, I believe, Dr. Niel Bohr, who mathematically
>demonstrated the existence of electrons, did win a Nobel Prize.  
Aah, so I make up mathematics for something  that has never been seen
and then get some Nobel Prize?
Let me guess, and if they had said it are energy conglomerates that
can make round energy hulls, though able to sort of go to energy
comets with a  trail behind, and he had made mathematics for  that,
then he'd  gotten it for that if the according folks had thought that
worthy enough?

If you want ignore my doubts about some stuff to do with that electron
model, do, like you did that important stuff with the candle; that one
back then could have made you famous if that had been what you are

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