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Brain implants give the paralyzed a voice

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Oct 17 15:31:48 EST 1998

(To certain folks: Skip.)

"Tom Schuler" <duo at teleport.com> wrote:

>Since you have already admitted your lack of knowledge of magick, how, then,
>is it that you now are aware of the curriculum? 
Whose curriculum?
Certain (Red) Indian group, a group here, Marabut, whereever you are
born or  living...? 

>Perhaps you learned it by the telepathy you won't be bothered to demonstrate.

That's the height,  first you are making THE big mouth about practical
stuff concerning my life and telling me what I HAVE TO do in it, and
if have enough of your blabbing like some USie atrificial rays baby,
and challenge you to come here and take your insulting me 
out magically directly, and to prove your big claims  that LSD is not
a hard drug by taking amounts with me where I judge it to be, so that
I also can see if you are just some big gob with little behind and
going psycho-crashing like one or iof there is something to all your
greate masculine male babbling, you evade like I knew  you would.

And that ones learns a lot of magic easily telepathically is obvious.
(Well, easily might be the wrong term, the person refaormatting my
brain for it had a hard time, becaue my (MBD) brain is weird and a lot
of stuff does not work it it like it should unless I vibe it back into
more normal brains, but other stuff works that I never heard of

But if you believe I am  reformatting your occipital and other areas
so that you can learn to magically "see" you are mistaken, if anything
I am interested in reformatting just a little in your thymus.

>All you have so far posted is
>nothing more than your mental diarrhea.

Talking to yourself again, yeah? The headline here is "Brain implants
give the paralyzed a voice.

If I rate what you are sticking into bionet.neuroscience and 2
psychedelics room and a magick room and a German room and how much
contributed to the according topics I must say you meantal diarrhea is
outscoring mine impressively.

Actually I find it remarkable that so far I do not recall one single
sentence to do with folks accordingly paralzyed and how to give them a

You are going off into the form of ranting against practicers of
magick as I have you seen doing for months in other rooms
aggressively and also demanding  that someone is explaining stuff to
someone sense-censored as if stuff,  
that others might pay many several  hundred dollars for a group
session weekend to get at just a fraction of the data of a direct
teaching or try to find a teacher  accepting them as students for
years or decades,
is something that you somehow by birth-right are entitled to get
taught from others,  who have to waste their time to explain someone,
who is magically even less suited than I (grin) stuff that I believe
anyone heeding the Balance Laws would not teach someone like you to

>>I suggest within your learning with stuff like magick you first  find
>>someone  to  teach YOU, and  then judge what some of the people say
>>within alt.magick or other places.
>Since you admit your ignorance of the subject, your advice as to how to
>successfully proceed with it is worse than useless.

Well, you don't  think seriously that I am going to tell you where
around the globe you can learn what...
Apart from that here all I know  would not take you, and  from what I
heard about branches in other places of Earth many would not take you
You are not aiming to what here is called White Magic my many, nor are
you aiming towards Grey, studying magic for magic's  sake, simply
finding it fascinating like I do. Guess that is why I lack your
"employ". Or maybe I am simply not far enough. But I guess even if I
were further with a lot it would still be with that similar to the way
I employ seeing to watch a picture,  the term "employing" sounding
about as odd  to me  there.
The one who taught me regards a lot within magic like playing and it
is that way with me, too.

With you I do not think so. You are like a hunter hunting something
for himself to employ for himself and possiblky against others, the
way you here do not really give a damn if the main topic is brain
implants and paralyzed people.

And  you can take that advice as a joke, 
but if you were into healing and helping people 
and would  take all as serious as yourself  
and all to be of even value 
and love yourself and others
and delight in life, trying to heald and guard the balances,
the gates to many  magic branches and minds would be open to you.

If you are a weirdo like me and have odd data some are after,
so that they are getting something back for what they are doing, and
maybe with some of what they do you are coming up with more data
about it, so that they are also there not just investing powers to
teach you, but get something in return, and know that iof they stick
something into you, it is possible it (fig.) rattles there for some
months or years, and then comes a return load with stuff they did not
know yet, then at least they have something from it.
When having an interesting brain to use along when running stuff
energy-linked you also have a chance, even when maybe not being
exactly out for the good,  but also not for ego-centered bad stuff.

But exactly what would someone have of teaching you?
You can take  that as an insult, but I mean it serious.
You are like someone demanding something that some others might regard
as one of the highest gifts (like mind-sharing while transfering brain
energy data), often very straining for the teacher and maybe even
costing him life-power, as he needs to alter own cell energies to vibe
with a different brain with quite some precision until your systems
are far enough to adapt back, too, so it becomes easier.
And with some stuff it is dangerous to teach it to the wrong.

Also some people mix belief and what is, and if you are spitting on
their belief it has about the effect of spitting on the Bible on the
altar in a Church, so if you can not accept that they are believing
something that is wrong and don't have the Socratic skill to get them
with maybe innocent sounding questions to notice some things,
then you might also be closing yourself doors,
sometimes with a bang  and very shut behind you.

>Since you admit your ignorance of the subject, your advice as to how to
>successfully proceed with it is worse than useless.
...feel free to regard it so.

Just by the way, I do not recall ever having discussed with you what I
know about the subject or not, nor that I have ever felt the wish for

(And it can  be summoned up as: "I know some and a lot not.")

>You took some drugs and now you think you know everything.  

Actually more the opposite, like in an old saying:

The more I know,
the more I know,
how little I know.

>>Did I ever mention that among tarot cards the jester and the magician
>>are  of highest  fascination  and the jester more than the magician?
>So you've been reading the little booklet that came with your cards, eh?

No, someone asked  me to look at her cards and to tell me which one
was the one that I liked best, and I could not decide if it  was the
magician or the jester, and found them both interesting, later
deciding for the latter, but telling that basically both count,  so
then she left both out.
I liked the magician for the vast energy knoweldge and the mastership
over own and other systems and  the ability to extend far,
and the jester for being able to show up mistakes by being wise and
intelligent enough to make people laugh about themselves, to be able
to make fun of yourself and to bring good moods to people and knowing
how to cheer  them up and make their life more bright.

>Boy, if I had a nickle for every flake who thought that, I'd be offering my
>own $1M prize.

I'd still not teach you, I would not want you in my brain.

If you were someone blind from birth on  and not a nerd,  I'd do it
for free.

>>In other words there is a lot of crap I might still download, and to
>>selectively bother to remeber names where I don't means that that is
>>quite extreme.
>Yeah, that short-term memory loss sure makes paying attention to details a

You did not even get what I said, did you?
The point was mroe that with a lot of people the crap-O.K. ratio is
still not that extreme that I'd bother  to  remember them and  that
you and that Hubbard babbler are the only two where I usually don't
bother to download their stuff.
The other bloke normally never,
you still oaccasionally, but usually not, because I know that whatever
it is you are going to say about magick in the according room it is
not going to bring me interesting data.

>>With you for all I recall  I read  your posts and  decided that you
>>understand nothing about magick,
>Of course, you decided that because I didn't flatter your stupid rants.

Well, with most of my babbling about magic you are too uneducated and
dumb to even follow it, but apart from that, there it were  not so
much my own posts,  but mainly other people saying something that was
correct ofr partially correct, and  you ranting off against them and
that they have to prove you that that is real, and so on, like someone
deaf interrupting and insisting that all have to stop a concert to
prove that tones do exist.

> anyone who doesn't think you're some kind of
>enlightened teacher...

Sure man, here in Berlin it is ever so wise to shift to enlightenment
ranges and flare up like an overcrammed antenna-X-mas-tree with the
cancering elctro-smog of Berlin.

Hey Tom, why don't  you go to  the next meditation place who can teach
enligthenment energy stuff, and then transcend to enlightenment ranges
and  then focus to the highest tones  you can hear, like high T.V.
whistling ranges, straining to catch all of the upper ranges of

Do me a favour and inside aim at the ridge down behind your ears, just
behind there inside, while at it.
Just keep practicing that many hours each day, preferably in cites
abuzz with artificial cancering ranges.


> You exhibit no understanding of magick at all.

That's the advantage of the energy telepathic stuff you mentioned:
I do not need to. All  I need to know is how much LSD I need to
off-line autistically and yet be still there to watch while someone
is getting command over the other areas in my head (which I command
the rest to accept as well as they can), and supervise from the
background that he does not overcharge them while vibing in magical
data and they don't  get damages and send headache-signals.

It is not  my task to understand what all them wave patterns in the
sectors mean nor what all the rest is.

For me it is sufficient that the areas know and when I tell them "do"
that they are able to repeat it sufficiently enough again.

You know, autism has an advantage or two,
not just in that once taking enough of a blocker-drug one can 
shift autistic and off-line enough from the rest to not be in the way
of someone else vibing in commands to the sectors,
yet watch (some friend expressed it once so, who found me slightly
spooky) like some eerie spider in it's nets in the head what is going
in in the other sectors, lurking data you will never come to see Tom,
even if you find a teacher.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it:
My understanding about magick is so bad, that various people into
magick (and not US-"Wicca-embarassment" stuff) have been asking me
about areas in the brain I sometimes sensed going on highly active and
others not (though I never perceived all) with certain magick stuff,
and the like.

Actually I believe that one of the main reasons the person who so far
has been teaching me most is doing so, is that he is after such data
and knows that my brain is weird enough that I am not joking about it;
took him ages to get the data in there in the first place, as a lot of
the sectors reacted differently than in more average human brains.

>You seem to think it's some kind of hallucination you get on drugs.

The "hallucination" that if I take a blocker-drug powerful enough I
transit into autistic brain-settings, and taking the amount to be able
to transit between "connected human" and "semi-connected semi-autist"
and then sector-target magical energy data into other brains  on LSD
with quite some subatomic link-power, and am one of the few of the
planet who within some sessions can teach people with average learning
speed aiming for different areas in the head?
The "hallucination"  that brains with more cells suck, and  that it is
costing me life-power to do so?

Or the hallucinations I get when the other one is shifting from
akasha-perceptions to hallucinations, my brain ordered to vibe along
with the other doing so simultaniously, fascinating me, but then I
tend to link out, because I don't like my brain to do that yet?
Or the knoweldge that it is possible to run a hallucination in one
field and the rest locked to normal akashaperception,
and  the impression that that is a way healers for people naturally
hallucinating might learn to more safely transit with another brain
into hallucinating energy settings and then withdraw, watching  the
energy  tuning pathways in and out and  in and OUT for the other one?

When  you mentioned getting high in context with a magical challenge
up to death, I already wondered if you are plain nuts or if you are
not understanding LSD at all, 
apart from maybe having started at some walls going hallucinating with

And, just by the way, some of the others do use hallucinating within
magic, but obviously you have not come yet to understand how certain
froms of hallucinating or imagery can be used for achieving serious
stuff in magic.

...How about when sending your posts to neurology you stick data for
example about the head-line of  this in, and are giving your opinions
about the original task, which so far I have not heard yet.

And when sending to psychedelic groups maybe writing more than stuff
that could be from someone who has not taken a few dozen trips in his
life yet, and when writing to the German room keeping to the topic
there and when writing to alt.magick displayhing at least some basic
knowledge instead of displaying aggressively that basically you
understand not even some of the most basic aspects, yet interrupting
some discussions that are sometimes about serious magic aspects.

And concerning your implied attitude that someone teaching a
sense-enhancer like LSD can not possibly understand anything about
what some Indian practicers of magic do with natural sense-enhancers,
what witches do  with magic mushrooms and with some of what here is
called Nachtschattengewaechse (do not know the name for that
plant-group in English) nor what Indian yogis might do sober as brick
maybe after decades of training,
and that I know nothing about what I teach,
is reminding me of someone not even understanding the basics of
biology saying to a teacher of biology that he is knowing nothing
whatsoever about his topic and cannot possibly understand anything
about chemistry, having said that he is not by main profession a
teacher of that.

And  when the biology teacher, fed up with you demanding aggressively
and rudely demonstrations about his chemical knowledge,
challenges in reply that you come around, both having 13 hours to
chemically brew up stuff and  throw it at each other, also deadly
mixes allowed, to find out about that point, and very finally solve
such discussions,  you seeming oddly not that much out to find out if
you will survive  and how much the other one IS knowing about such.
Though before claiming that he knows nothing, neither about biology
nor chemistry, wherefore the whole should be completely safe for you.

I'd aprreciate it if you could shift your discussion style to posting
REs to do with the original post "Brain implants give the paralyzed a
voice" or my first original reply to that, if not liking something I
say after all your demonstration stuff demonstrating why what I say
cannot possibly be correct,
and in the REs take a vague check how many rooms you are posting it to
and if your REs are fitting there.

In all your posts I seriously do not recall you yet stating one single
constructive sentence about  the orignial topic that these posts are
REing to,  
and if you just wish to take out moods, maybe you could do so without
posting to six rooms, but e-mail me  or choose one that is more

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