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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Oct 18 06:23:50 EST 1998

(To certain folks: Maybe skip or skip-read.)

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:

>...What's here will be "difficult", but that's ...
among other things because of the words you pick.

>My "award" is in being able to Hope for you... don't think this an
>"aw shucks" thing, such Hope is a priceless "gem", its worth well-known to
>me... I mean, no one need think, "Such a pitiful man" on my behalf.
I guess I fail why you'd wish to be hope, say directly taken, for me,
as my hopes are the kind that the holes in clothes I like will mend
themselves, the laundry washes itself and that two of the fossil on
second floor croak.
>"Air cleared", 
That bit I forgot, that'd be neat here in Berlin, too.
>although I cannot see beyond it, I can see that wdb2t 
Which irxtlwrks?

>is something like the "face" of God...

Nice title.

Indo-Germanic religions tend(ed) to have them by the dozens, Bible
ones were wise enough to keep is so vague, that "you should not have
Gods besides me" (or something like that) left out references to the
other canditates,  
and me being the Reincarnation of the Goddess of Laziness, and this
just being one of my Earthly incarnations, so I don't forget how much
work sucks, 
I must say that I have trouble to know which of the colleagues you are
currently referring to with your vague title.

> and it's in the way that our nervous systems, through and through, reflect wdb2t that it is that we have been
>created in the image of God 

Ah, so you mean someone with rank-fighting and aggression programs,
maybe balls and other hormone sites releasing stuff interreacting and
so on.
First assumed you might be referring to some being with the main bases
in space.   
Now, that is limiting options considerably.

>(I told you this'd be "difficult"...
There is an easy way:
Like Jesus of Nazareth, born.... by the parents of...
WV Lupo, constructed in Wolfsburg, Germany, in the year...
Loch Ness monster  of rubber, made in Hong Kong in ... 
Energy being to be found when tuning to the following Hz/akasha ranges
aiming ..., location of origin... made/born/whatever in....

Such things have  been known for a looong time to make it easier for
people to get an idea whom the other is referring to.

> what is it about Science, all confident in itself, 
Is it or are Westie systems trying to cover up to have burned the
knowledge of  their ancestors  and Catholic insaneness, and having
lost the own healing knowledge major wars ensuing, to then pillage
across the planet and portrait people(s) living in more harmony with
nature, less artificil frequencies the systems are not adabpted to and
lower cancer rates, and some also not beating  their children, often
with a far lower suicide rate, as primitive?

>that causes it to so unconfident in itself when the topic is God?
I do not notice  that much "unconfidence" here.

A lot here do not  believe in vague titles but some are aware that
some people need to do so, because they do not have the power to
accept death, starting with in that religious stuff here some might
put it "he went from us".
Neither checking to what extent the person is still there nor
accepting death.

And a lot need some parent being(s) when they have grown up, some
super alpha-animal that is protecting them.
Or something  that makes them feel special, along the line that they
are chosen to be whatever's special beings and  that is making them
Some also do not want to contemplate the way they live and hope thta
if it was not the way that they are content that afterwards they will

Simplified there are binding programs that are  very poewrful in
humans and if the ones they are linked with that way are dead, it
would  not be good for the stability of the "herd" if  they wailed
about that forever, maybe going to depression features talked about
and it is more becoming for  the power of the "herd"  if  the members
stay stable.

If the males  believe that if they die in battle it is going to be
Walhalla for them and elsewise it is not,  then that is seeing to a
different power-structure.

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