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Autonomic Nervous System

rand at mindless.com rand at mindless.com
Tue Oct 20 08:36:43 EST 1998

>So why do the sympathetic neurones have a long preganglionic neurone and
>a short postganglionic neurone, and why is the ganglion found near to (or
>in the) effector?? Also why do parasympathetic fibres only leave from the
>base of the brain and the spine (forgot the proper names!)??

I think the parasympathetic nerves only leave from the base (sacral?)
area of the base and spine because they don't need the body to respond
to anything, thus no receptors. 

>Any info would be appreciated. Also any good URL's for nerve impulses
>(i.e. the Na & K gradients) at A-Level standard would be much
>appreciated, as I only sort of get it at the moment - I like to have a
>full understanding of these things, otherwise I don't remember them )-:

Try http://www.eskimo.com/~jlubin/disabled.htm, it's a disability site
with links to various informative sites. Mainly a spinal cord injury
site, so that's where the neuro comes in. :)

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