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Tue Oct 20 11:16:52 EST 1998

Jose Andrade <jandrade at> wrote:
: I would like to know your opinion concerning the anesthesia with ether
: followed by transcardiac perfusion of lab rats .

Ether anastesia is not used on humans behacuse 
the indcution is considered extremely
painful and unplesant. There is no reason to
believe that rats feel any different about the
matter. I have not tried ether myself, but I
when I was a child (back in the seventies) I was
on several occcations given halothane anastesia.
I have never suffocted, but I do not think the
feeling from inhalation of halothane is much worse
than suffoction. And if it is true that ether 
is even worse, my advice would be to avoid 
the practice. 

I suggest you use an intraperitoneal injection
of pentobarbitone/chloral hydrate mixture or 
a subcutaneous injection of hypnorm/dormicum 
mixture imstead? When the rat is fully anaestisied 
you can give is an intracardical perfusion and 
kill it by a rapid dislocation of the neck.

Sturla Molden

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