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Dirk Bruere (remove x to reply) "artemis" at kbnet.co.uk
Wed Oct 21 13:41:26 EST 1998

Teodorico wrote:
> No. One problem I have is that I've been implanted by those sewer psycopaths
> in 1996 after kidnapping, because of political motives, here, in Spain.

I see. A technological 4th rate nation has access to a science that far
exceeds anything the US or Japan electronics companies claim they
produce. I sense the 'New World Order' about to make an appearance.

> Another one, is that last night, their slow, criminal police-military planes
> got me an overdose of EM/infrared laser heating after posting a very
> embarrassing article for this government -and others-, and the nausea plus
> the headache, plus the systematic sleep deprivation, makes writing this a
> tough exercise.

Those are classic symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.
The simple test is, if you take antipsychotic drugs do the effects

> "...Penrose, the 62-year old Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at
> Oxford...who made his name by collaborating with Stephen Hawking in the
>.. individually seems to behave something like a switch, increasing neuronal
> numerosity by something like 10,000m"
I'm familiar with the work of Penrose. He says *nothing* that suports
your hypothesis.
> "Abstract 'Laser-like,' long-range coherent quantum phenomena may occur
> biologically within cytoskeletal microtubules. This paper presents a

Hotly disputed because nobody has demonstated this effect.
If you want a Nobel prize and $1000000 do it yourself. Or maybe that
isn't enough incentive for the average scientist?

> theoretical prediction of the occurrence in biological media of the

Anyone can produce a theory. It's proof that matters.

The microtubule theories have no bearing on your claims of long range
control through implants.
> band-width and high spacial resolution... We know that high-frequency
> electromagnetic signals can be propagated through brain tissue for distances
> of the order of centimeters. We know that microscopic generators and

So what? that's why mobile phones work when you hold them to your ear.

> receivers of electromagnetic radiation are possible. We know that modern


> digital data-handling technology is capable of recording and analyzing the
> signals emerging from millions of tiny transmitters simultaneously. ...We
> need a technology that allows us to build and deploy large arrays of small
> transmitters inside a living brain, just as integrated-circuit technology
> allows us to build large arrays of small transistors on a chip of silicon.

This is all speculative lectures on workable telepathic systems. You
want me to point you to equally impressive work on how to build starship

> ...Radioneurology is in principle only an extension of the existing
> technology of magnetic resonance imaging, which also used radio-frequency
> magnetic fields to observe neural structures. A rough estimate based on the

If you have a tone of superconducting magnet for NMR

> available band-width indicates that a million transmitters could be
> monitored through each patch of brain surface with size equal to the radio
> wave-length. The factor of a million is the ratio between the radio
> band-width, of the order of hundreds of millions of cycles per second, and
> the band-width of a neuron, of the order of hundred of cycles..."
The problem is that no technology is even on the horizon that is capable
of doing this.
> University... ...Squid is the acronym for superconducting quantum
> interference device, and it measures magnetic flux or field extremely
> accurately at ultra-low levels, such as the level reached when a group of
> neurons in the brain is triggered. The device is made of a ring of
> superconducting material, usually niobium metal, a few millimetres wide,

Size. Plus at liquid N2 temp

> with a slice of insulator, a few atoms thick, sanwiched into the loop. when
> workable machines. ..."In three or four years' time, who knows what Squids
> will be made of?"


If the human brain was a few miles wide, then the above technologies
*might* be possible. It will take more than a few years and a few
trillion dollars to do what you are claiming, and the side effects of
the technologies will revolutionise the world.

So, we have all these military scientists who all keep quiet for decades
(except about mundane secrets like how to build a nuclear bomb), and who
all turn down the chance to become the next Bill Gates. Except they hand
this technology over to every banana republic dictator that wants it

Occams Razor says 'Paranoid Schizophrenia'.
If I am ever proved wrong I will apologise, but I don't expect it.


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