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Wed Oct 21 07:18:15 EST 1998

F. Frank LeFever <flefever at> wrote:

: Dislocation of neck AFTER perfusion?  a bit redundant? ("overkill"?)
: When the returning fluid begins to run clear, isn't it pretty much all
: over?  If not, wouldn't the first jolt of formalin do it?

It is indeed "overkill". Here in Norway researchers are
required to ensure death of a cadaver after it has been
killed the fist time. This is because there have been
some unfortunate incidences were rats that have been
"euthanised" have "woken up from the dead" just before 
they were to be destructed in a crematorium. :(

Hence, the rats are first killed by an overdose and then
decapitated or dislocated in the spinal cord.

Sturla Molden

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