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Autonomic Nervous System

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Wed Oct 21 18:58:28 EST 1998

please forgive me for isolating on just the following from your previous

Richard M Wagers wrote:


> Nothing insulting I assure you.  There's to much of that around here
> already.


The point in all the "difficult" stuff that I've been posting is that
what's "demeaning" is elevating "being nice" to first priority when
there are people whose Lives are at risk.

Forgive me, too, because I've nearly three decade's experience in
witnessing folks putting "being nice" before people whose Lives are at

And, having grown fed up with such, but understanding the ramifications
of what I've chosen to do, I still so choose.

It's totally unacceptable that folks in Science put "being nice" before
people whose Lives are at risk.

And I'm trying to get this point across, once and for all.

Please forgive me. I see it must be done, but it seems to me that all
the Professionals are "straight-jacketed" by the threat, implicit in
their Academic, etc., situations that, if they fail to "be nice",
they'll "lose favor" within their respective communities.

Having traveled the route I've traveled, without having accrued the
owing of any "favors" to the members of said communities, other than my
willing celebration of their work, it seems that I'm the only one who's
free to speak out on behalf of those whose Lives are at risk because
Science puts "being nice" before people whose Lives are at risk.

So, since I came here having resolved to speak on behalf of people whose
lives are at risk, regardless of the fact that it would be I who would
be ostracized because I was not "being nice", I'm hoping that the
necessary discussion will begin, if necessary, with a consideration of
the relative worths of "being nice" and Lives of folks who are at risk.

I apologize, ask your forgiveness, but am hoping you will discuss why
you think it is that folks in Science elevate "being nice" above people
whose Lives are at risk... especially when those very people are among
those who fund the vast majority of Scientific research through their

My point is that, sometimes, "being nice" is being just-the-opposite-of
Being-Nice. ken collins

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