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Autonomic Nervous System

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Wed Oct 21 23:57:01 EST 1998

Hi, Steve.

The Children in ghettos.

The folks in war zones.

Folks who cannot eran adequate livings.

Folks starving in Africa.

Folks who'll fall victim to gang-bangin'

Folks who'll fall victim to addictive substances.

Folks who'll lose their Children because they shake them violently because
they do not comprehen the Beauty inherent in an Infant's crying behavior.

Folks who'll lose their Children because they do not understand how simple
nurturance, or the lack thereof, solidifies within the Children's nervous
systems for better or worse.

Folks who, because others did not understand how nervous systems process
information, will fall victim to violence that is blindly evoked... like the
black man torn up behind the pickup truck, like the young woman murdered by
the cadet and midshipman, like the gay fellow last week.

And then there's all the more-subtle stuff, including the "rationale" which
holds that, in business, it's "all right" to steal in, all creepy-crawly,
and abscond with another's work "as long as one doesn't get caught" (the
current "uproar" within the computer industry is such a Sorrow... the
industry's "standard" is "steal it before someone else does!"... and they're
fighting over it in Court of Law?)

(Abraham Lincoln commented upon such: (paraphrase) "The spirit which says
you work, I'll eat.")

Random individuals at the hands of terrorists because, in their Ignorance,
which science stands by and watches, while trying to hit upon
ever-more-costly means to forcefully "control" them (which, itself, reflects
science's Ignorance of the Thermodynamics involved), they do not understand
how nervous systems process information.

=Everyone= if the too-many weapons of mass destruction, which now exist, in
some places, under too-little control, are deployed.

The Child, born with such promise, lost to Ignorance... and all people,
everywhere, because what only that Child could embue the world with is lost
with the Child.

I know it sounds like too-much, and admittedly, it is a big "project, but
everything here can, and will, be ameliorated if only folks are given the
understanding of how nervous systems process information. It's all in the
Thermodynamics which our nervous systems are engineered to Love, and through
which they experience Joy, and are sent on their ways to Discovery. (I'm
sorry. This should be more. I'm a bit tired. ken collins

rand at mindless.com wrote:

> >I apologize, ask your forgiveness, but am hoping you will discuss why
> >you think it is that folks in Science elevate "being nice" above people
> >whose Lives are at risk... especially when those very people are among
> >those who fund the vast majority of Scientific research through their
> >taxes.
> Hi Ken,
> I'm confused. Who are some of the people whose lives are at risk?
> Steven Edwards - rand at mindless.com
> Spinal Confusion - http://come.to/SpinalConfusion

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