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> Hello everyone,
> I am a master degree student working on epilepsy. I am trying to find a
> good book/review/article/web site on the rat's brain development.
> I am searching for something that would precise what happens in the brain
> over the first few weeks of life (example: at 10 post-natal days the ABC
> cholinergic receptors become active, at 2 post-natal days the pyramidal
> neurons are full-grown, etc...).
> I need to correlate, if possible, my results with something that happens
> in the immature rat brain. Any insights/ideas/theories are welcome.
> Of course, replies by email or posts on this group will be welcome.
> Sebastien Meilleur
> meilleus at

Chapter 3 of the book "The Cerebral Cortex of the Rat" edited by Bryan Kolb
and Richard Tess (1990 MIT Press)is a good review of rat cerebral cortex
development with lots of references listed at the end. The chapter is
entitled "The Prenatal and Postnatal Development of the Rat Cerebral Cortex"
by Harry Uylings, et al.

David Olmsted

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