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Autonomic Nervous System

Richard Hall rhall at uvi.edu
Thu Oct 22 07:49:14 EST 1998

Hi Ken Collins,

I found the following soliloquy difficult to understand and am consequently
perplexes as to what you are referring to, especially the reference to
lives at risk.  This string is simply a response to a student/teacher
concerning the autonomic nervous system.   Perhaps you could revisit your
post and clarify your meanings.


At 4:58 PM -0700 10/21/98, kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
>please forgive me for isolating on just the following from your previous
>Richard M Wagers wrote:
>> Nothing insulting I assure you.  There's to much of that around here
>> already.
>The point in all the "difficult" stuff that I've been posting is that
>what's "demeaning" is elevating "being nice" to first priority when
>there are people whose Lives are at risk.
>Forgive me, too, because I've nearly three decade's experience in
>witnessing folks putting "being nice" before people whose Lives are at
>And, having grown fed up with such, but understanding the ramifications
>of what I've chosen to do, I still so choose.
>It's totally unacceptable that folks in Science put "being nice" before
>people whose Lives are at risk.
>And I'm trying to get this point across, once and for all.
>Please forgive me. I see it must be done, but it seems to me that all
>the Professionals are "straight-jacketed" by the threat, implicit in
>their Academic, etc., situations that, if they fail to "be nice",
>they'll "lose favor" within their respective communities.
>Having traveled the route I've traveled, without having accrued the
>owing of any "favors" to the members of said communities, other than my
>willing celebration of their work, it seems that I'm the only one who's
>free to speak out on behalf of those whose Lives are at risk because
>Science puts "being nice" before people whose Lives are at risk.
>So, since I came here having resolved to speak on behalf of people whose
>lives are at risk, regardless of the fact that it would be I who would
>be ostracized because I was not "being nice", I'm hoping that the
>necessary discussion will begin, if necessary, with a consideration of
>the relative worths of "being nice" and Lives of folks who are at risk.
>I apologize, ask your forgiveness, but am hoping you will discuss why
>you think it is that folks in Science elevate "being nice" above people
>whose Lives are at risk... especially when those very people are among
>those who fund the vast majority of Scientific research through their
>My point is that, sometimes, "being nice" is being just-the-opposite-of
>Being-Nice. ken collins

Richard Hall
Comparative Animal Physiologist
Division of Sciences and Mathematics
University of the Virgin Islands
St. Thomas, USVI  00802

rhall at uvi.edu

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