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Autonomic Nervous System

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Thu Oct 22 21:21:54 EST 1998

rand at mindless.com wrote:

> So what you're trying to say is that people should stop trying to "be
> nice" and actually do REAL scientific research? Still a little
> confused.

No, my "laments" are undertaken in the hope that they'll lift folks up to the
"burdensome" task a bit. This's necessary because, as folks become familiar with
this or that, the level of TD E/I that they "normally" experience constitutes a
local minimum... think of a volcano's crater... before folks can choose to deal
with stuff that's as unfamiliar as NDT's stuff, they have to undergo increased TD
E/I sufficient to carry them up to the "rim" of the "crater" (local maximum)...
only then can the pleasant journey down the "slope" of the "mountain" begin.

When I "tease" folks about "being nice" instead of lifting up folks who suffer
greatly, I am making a serious point, but it's only peripheral.

Why all of this seeming "waste"?

I've received no concrete communication that anyone understands. So I must keep
asking. Such is difficult for me. And I know it's difficult for others, too.
There's no "malisciousness" in it. Any who've been "on-board" for a period of
years will recognize that I'm just going through cyclical "exercises" in an
awareness that, through the many passages over the same "ground",  folks' "fear"
of going the whole nine yards will extinguish.

Not withstanding my electronic presence here in bionet.neuroscience, the science
will, in the end, have to be communicated in person. There's just too much detail
that has to be dealt with. The best way of doing this would be if there were a
strong-hearted graduate program somewhere that would dare to allow me to teach a
couple of courses in parallel with the correlated "traditional" courses. The
degree to which NDT is verified, and its worth within things Human, would be
immediately apparent in such an admittedly-unusual venue.

You know, it's old-long-since that I come to an electronic forum to discuss my
work, but only find myself innundated with "clever" "tests" and allusions... it's
a sorrow... mostly, I just "groan-within" out of the realization that anyone
who'd be so "clever" to do such isn't yet capable of grasping NDT's stuff,
anyway. Meanwhile, the whole pile-of-crap way in which science is turning its
back upon its responsibilities to itself is being documented. Being Scientist,
the documentation is a prerequisite... it never stings any the less for knowing
that it's just a requirement of objectivity, though.

The matter you breing up is not the science, but why the work that coming to
terms with the science is worthwhile.

So, what about the Science? ken collins

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