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long term potentiation

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Oct 24 09:06:18 EST 1998

>> There is no reason to believe that Altzheimer patients
>> have impaired memory because they lack LTP. If they
>> do lack LTP, one should rather say that they are
>> impaired on synaptic plasticity.
>This can't be said... all that can be said is the hypothesis must be tested
>if anything's to be said.

>>... I do think it is more likely that LTP is an 

>>emergent phenomenon 

>>araising from massive recruitment of neural plasticity apparatuses
>> due to the teanising stimuli; the real mechanisms
>> of memory - which is the natural output from
>> the cellular pasticity apparatuses - 
>>are small and inconspicous.
...to the unmagical eye...
>But they're all that's necessary... and how could they possibly be isolated
>from LTP, therefore "making" LTP to be as you say?
>> And as long as single-unit studies show several
>> mechanisms of plsticity in single cortical neurons
>> and the theoreticl models work equally well with
>> a number o diffferent forms of plsticity, there
>> is no reason to suspect that Altzheimer's
>> patients are impaired on memory because they are
>> impaired on LTP.
>It must be tested before such can be said.
>> It is just as possible that
>> they are impaired on LTP because they are
>> impaired on memory (neuronal plsticity).
>I don't disagree with you on this last point, but it, too, must be tested.

Three times testing stuff - and hopefully not on unassenting others -
between vague babbling.

Here we are, even Frank has gotten that there is data going to
different places, and has been mentioning three places where it goes,
two of them parts of the main CPUs of the brain.
Both able to think, learn and store data independently.
And you ignore it.

How about a little tale:

Once upon a time there were two hippocampal areas exchanging data and
thundering stuff up the fornixes to the diagonal band, looping back
down again.

That was the base of the own I, "frequency" selector into the 
cingulate gyrus and other places.
 In the front there was a gigantic computer, giving the own I 
detail data, parallel processing powers (and it had parallel
structure), and other stuff.

Then some nerds came along who first wanted their race to be in the
frontal cortex, not even discerning that both CPUs are having banks
there and that the upper one is of the sequencer CPU and not of the
own CPU, but such was not that relevant, as they thought it is nicely
big, so being there would justify that they imprisoned and abused
people of the other races.
Eventually even they started to realize that you could park a brick
there and the I not being gone, and that that suspiciously in spite of
shoving theories impressively to fit, 
it did not fit.

But instead of listening to the bunches of folks you can meet if you
are good in spotting them out, and ask them where they are in the head
and get limbic sytems REs, and instead of looking at 
what the own Alzheimer results are for example saying about the
diagnal band and other areas' damages, 
they needed some excuse for what they were doing to the other races,
to maintain being Master Race and keeping the people of the other
races as possessions.

As they knew that they were there, too, as they were not that dumb,
they went against others of the other races to take out their
hippocampal I areas and sliced.

And did other stuff to people of other races, often not even
discerning anymore between the individual person, and not even if it
had been a man or a woman, trying to turn the other person into a
thing, an it, to make that the "it" would not be doubted as
as a man or woman of another race would be.

>IF you rely only on a big dose of anesthetic, yes, a rare one might
>wake up; but surely not after you have REPLACED ALL OF ITS BLOOD WITH
>NORMAL SALINE, the excess of which is pouring out of a hole in the
>right atrium!  When THIS is followed with an infusion of formalin, can
>there be any doubt the rat is dead? 

And the world was silent and looked away, eating "their" pigs' body
areas, not spending one thought who the pig had been, what life (s)he
had been forced to have, what she had suffered, what (s)he had thought
about that...
How convenient to be the Master Race, maybe have some other person in
a cage and take them out on and off like some teddy and then stick
them back into the own shit, and in between go into the zoo and watch
a gorilla calmly sitting behind the glass sreen and the humans
monkeying around in front of that prison embarassingly trying to
trigger some reaction of the prisoner.

Now we would not want to have  that disturbed by admitting within some
Alzheimer discussion that the own I-centers are the old main frequency
selector, and had I perception loooong before we were mammals.
And all magic is of course censored out as well, would not want waves
in here and subatomic stuff and sneak up to how Jesus did his stuff
and what the Vatican did and make fire under some big arses.

So it is better to ignore base telepathic energy data, ignore what the
waves & densities are "telling" areas, ignore that there there are two
CPUs in the brain, both able to think, learn and store data,
generalize neurons of different sectors, kick glia from the map anyway
along with the inside of different cells and the body, ignore the
importance of it being the own I areas damaged within Alzheimer,
and rather make fools of oneself broadside firing 
into the (German :-) Mustopf.

Some MBD LSD teacher smurfed by slightly stoned.

Got several laughing fits about the palsticity of neuro.

Felt horrified by what they did to other people and not undestanding
how one could declare men and women of other races "it" as if they
were still children and so so young, that it did not play as bit a
role yet, or like feeling less at ease saying: "I stuck the man "..."
into a cage and later vapired out all his blood, killing the person.

I am that person's murderer.

I am of the Master Race and therefore can murder the people of the
races inferior to me, which are all but mine."

But needed word games turning men and women 
and individual very different persons 
to some generalized "its", 
to cover more up what they were doing.

Wondered if they did not even have the honour and guts to admit that
but were honorless kreeps and abusers, 
needing to lie to themselves about their deeds to others,
with word games that sound like Hitlker taking a bunch of Jews and
calling them Judenschweine and "it"s and have Mengele folks do
experiments on the its races considered lower than the Master Race.
Probably not discussing them with colleagues that unsimilar as there.

Thought about why people abusing other people also in many other times
in history needed to turn individuals with very differing
personalities into its, and the own race as the Master Race.

...And wondered if he had landed in the wrong tale 
or had a strange nightmare and would  WAKE UP 

End of tale.


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