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Sun Oct 25 13:07:07 EST 1998

>Steven: don't sweat it.  Collins is one of several incessantly posting
>poseurs in this newsgroup who are incapable of simple, direct,
>straightforward statements which can be directly tested.  Or perhaps
>they are afraid to do so.  It is not surprising that they have found no
>acceptance for their "ideas" in peer-reviewed journals or in college
>classrooms or scientific meetings.  Your request for simple language
>that you can understand is no reflection on your age and status; we
>would all repeat your plea if we thought kcollins or the others had
>anything important or true to say.
>If they could write clearly, briefly, and to the point, they could
>clarify their own thinking and perhaps self-corrrect and move to
>soomething else OR even come up with some small thing worth publishing.

It seemed to me as if he was trying to say that scientists nowadays
don't follow through with their projects,  thus wasting money. If that
is what he's attempting to get across, it is partially true.
Scientists have great ideas for trials now, but they can't always find
the funding to finish their projects.

I guess I was trying to find something in his post where there was
nothing. :)

>  (n.b.: I have a Ph.D. from a good program in a gooood university, and
>have been reading current  scientific literature in many different
>fields for much longer than you have been alive and know the difference
>between clear writing about difficult subjects and pretentious
>F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
>New York Neuropsychology Group

What kind of stuff does your group study? The name sounds good.

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