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Autonomic Nervous System

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Oct 24 09:06:39 EST 1998

>Care to guess the impact of
>neocortical integration on pupillary reaction??

(Not really, as neocortical sounds like neocortex but I don't know how
to stick the magical areas together with the temporal lobes and the
upper frontal cortex. What is the answer??)

>There are some interesting and useful consequences to this precise
>parasympathetic control of hear rate.
>  For one example, the brief slowing coordinated to respiration (called
>the sinus rhythm, I believe) has been used as an index of cholinergic
>tone, in studies of head injury and a few other conditions.
>  For another example, the cardiac deceleration response (part of
>Pavlov's orienting response) has been used to study perception in human
>infant and other nonverbal animals: i.e., there is a very brief slowing
>when the organism detects some stimulus change (e.g. a light going on,
>OR going off; a tone abruptly changing in pitch or some other quality,
>etc.).  I used it in an attempt to determine whether comatose patients
>(whose relatives are CONVINCED understand everything said to them) can
>discriminate one word from another.

Lol ...

Frank, this is one of the most funny ones I heard from you in a

Patient sounds like some Westie term for money-source, but does not
say which regions are referred to when talking about 
understanding everything said to them, 
for which words are of course not necessarily needed so much if people
have been knowing each other for a long time.

(Similar to people talking in different languages to each other, not
knowing the words, but understanding a lot of what the other one is

The Acid(ic) Sphinx has a little riddle for you: Three places you
mentioned some data goes to (when being at your THE memory... ) :

. What is for the system(s) of each of the three
- words
- to understand what is said to them
The Oracle of Chaotican wishes you gaining wisdom while guessing

Here is another:
A pregnant woman is laying her hand outisde over where the 6 1/2months
old is is, seems very focussed inside and asks in quieting, wondering
"Hey, little one, why are you so restless? Did you not like the food?
Or what is up, hmmm??"

To what extent does the embyo (not) understand?

And number three:
A woman has raised a child, also going through the age where you could
say:"Where is the ball?" And the child pointing, though not really
speaking words yet.
For a long time having to know without words what the other one is
saying, and when talking, not just talking on a mechanical word canal
like some Frankenstein, but on many other channels.

If a woman who has been pregnant before is saying that the other is
understanding everything spoken to him, is that meant like with
speaking to an embryo, like when talking to a baby half a year old,
like when talking to a baby already able to understand words or to
someone understanding entire sentences, or like to talking to someone
of another language, maybe on peyote, and both having quite some idea
what is said? Or something else?


And I better don't even start to try to explain what I find so funny
about imagining magically perceiving a sense-censored rat-people
murderer and an emotionally very warm mother bound to someone and
sensing him in many forms and able to speak to him in many forms,

the mother maybe being docked on many canals communicating with the
toher systems and getting the readout that the other one is still
reacting the signals and therefore there,
and the Frankenstein scratching some screw protruding out of the
sticking some measuring devices on the other one and then holding the
mother a speech about cardiac deceleration response being the proof
that the semi corpse can't get the wordies;
and would she please look at his report of the year annodunnemals.
About srews in the brain, screwed people and screwing up people in
comparison, measured with rat-proofed factor ten against what people
claim who knew the other long.

... Sorry, couldn't resist.  Too much into akasha surfing as a

Talking about which: If for theory one would want to wake someone up
who is in a coma, where are the systems that would "re-ignite" the
And to what extent are these (not) congruent 
with going from deep sleep to dreaming or waking up?

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