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To Cijadrachon (was Re: none)

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Oct 24 09:06:09 EST 1998

flefever at ix.netcom.com(F. Frank LeFever) wrote:
> I think she's too far gone/too invested in a role which gets her more attention than a straightforward telling of
>what little she actually knows would.  
You might want to see some therapist about your accusations and
hallucinations about other people.

BTW with the memory stuff I saw to that you are right that by now I
know little, you have the honour that for you personally I deleted
more data than the mammal-sickos cutting around in unconsenting others
will ever find. I myself did not need it anyway.
It shall be my pleasure to watch you seeking, headblind.

>(re "straightforward": her ability to write English varies sharply from time to time, 
Do you sit down and analyze my abilites in other languages or what?!
I give you a little hint: Watch who is asking, and try to figure which
style in German my last conversations were in.
When letters scramble a lot that tends to occur when I am tired, and
in the start after the concussion I sometimes had the impression also
worse on certain days wtihin the period cycle, though I did not pay
enough attention to be sure about that.

>and perhqps not just in synch with LSD episodes: 
I guess it escaped  your attention, but usually when I write an LSD
and often also when I write on THC  I tend to say so.
So no perhqps.
If you have so little to do that you feel like analyzing my styles and
changes in them, main drug ones were usually marked.

>I think she fuzzes it up when trying to impress us 
Again you should talk with some therapist about that.
I do not need to impress you nor your Westie branch. 
I am not some male with testosterone thinking and according rank and
impressing stuff concerning other males.
What you say speaks about you yourself.

I care about as much as an autist doing the same thing over and over
again that others find absurd about what neuro-shrinks think about
what I (do not) say or know.

If I wanted to know about other areas that I never accessed or wanted
to learn neuro-English could go to the library and fetch some books
about that. So far it has not been worth even that for me.
Psychology ranges after Scientology for me, psychiatry as people
drugging others and making money with their suffering,  and both as
seeing to extremely high suicide rates, as magical zeros, and in a lot
lagging thousands of years back behind others who never destroyed the
knowledge of their mental healers.
My opinion about neurology was summoned up well by the guy who talked
about some dream plant used by Indian magicians for finding people far
away, communicating with them and finding out stuff about diseases,
who left out all further data about that because he was too dumb to
understand advanced magic and went on about torturing cats, praising
himself for establishing old obvious base stuff. 
Headblinds too lazy to learn magic cutting around in the hippocampal
areas of people of other races and doing other gross stuff,
and drugging people and operating them often without checking first if
the problem could have been removed magically.
Not admitting what bunches of brainsurfers know - that we are within
the limbic sytem like all mammals - and with this also blocking out
key knowledge to their own side branch psychology.

All in all rather pathetic.

>with smatterings of neuroanatomical terms,
Neither "smattering" nor neuro terms were taught in school.
Complain to the German school system that they are deeming other words
to be of more value  than smattering and your beloved often highly
illogical  neuro-terms, not even getting some main system
correlations, sticking areas together or segregating them like being
100% blind inside!  Lol....

If you wish to correct mistakes I make using neuro-terms then do so in
a constructive manner, else it just sounds like blabbing.

>throwing out a few handsful in hopes that we will read into it more
>coherent connections than she is actually capable of.)

What your write reminds me of stuff they taught me in university about
schizophrenic behaviour,  imagining stuff and making it the truth in
the own world, and then being fervently convinced about it.

A few times I am straight forward talking about some stuff, 
and what you might think about that I do not care, though for you I
saw to censoring out all important memory systems data, which else I
would not have done,  and then there is a simple system that with few
exceptions all within the limbic system is taboo for neuro and all
outside does not really matter that much. 
Some stuff (might be part of what confuses you in style) has coded
data in it that should be easy to key out for brainsurfers and
magicians, but make little sense to Westie fanatics. MAYBE you are
simply trying to interpret stuff into that because you systems are
catching part of the key stuff because you busy yourself a lot with
the brain, but can't translate enough because you have never "seen"
areas of your brain and magic inside, and that frustrates you and then
you somehow get at fantasizing the stuff is pointed at you.
If I want you to know something I will inform you about it.
If it is keyed data it is not meant for you.
Don't  try to interpret data into stuff that is not explicitly said, 
and make it your reality, then you do not come up with self-centered
fantasies like yours.

Concerning connections you are too connected and that is why you
cannot segregate to understand yourself 
nor neighbouring areas nor other people as you do not have the sector
basics to do so, and you can pride yourself in better English and more
neuro vocabulary and hunt after brain-data for the rest of your life,
be for drugging people to move  them out of your way, censor data,
deem yourself room-king, and delight in other's eye-nerves being cut,
but your will likely remain a headblind.

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