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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Oct 24 09:06:31 EST 1998

Dirk Bruere <"artemis"@kbnet.co.uk (remove x to reply)> wrote:

>Teodorico wrote:
>> No. One problem I have is that I've been implanted by those sewer psycopaths
>> in 1996 after kidnapping, because of political motives, here, in Spain.
>I see. A technological 4th rate nation 
Did he say they were Spanish and are you up to date in such stuff?
>has access to a science that far
>exceeds anything the US or Japan electronics companies claim they
>produce. I sense the 'New World Order' about to make an appearance.
>> Another one, is that last night, their slow, criminal police-military planes
>> got me an overdose of EM/infrared laser heating 
There is this old cave or old mine shafts trick, taking a radio along
to check when there are no longer channels received...

>>after posting a very
>> embarrassing article for this government -and others-, and the nausea plus
>> the headache, plus the systematic sleep deprivation, makes writing this a
>> tough exercise.
>Those are classic symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.
And if it were, do you understand what is behind and can cure it?
>The simple test is, if you take antipsychotic drugs do the effects

That is not a simple test, because if for theory he was right then it
could stop at that point.

I'd say the test would be to check within the systems to see if that
is there, and if not there might be some peace for a while.

>> band-width and high spacial resolution... We know that high-frequency
>> electromagnetic signals can be propagated through brain tissue for distances
>> of the order of centimeters.
Excuse me, but within akasha-surfing with others about stage three is
docking occipital banks and for that I nail energies straight through
to the back.
And if I feel like it I can also fire through later one.

On sense-enhancers and with nother akasha-surfer assenting and
cooperating,  within a bunch of seconds you can energy dock any place
for all I know.
Not that I seriously tried all. Just so never came across it not being
possible. Just a question of hitting the right ranges.
And for that one does not need implants,
just the magic knowledge to find you around Earth.
The methods I heard about should be possible with technology, too.
Neurology is working ot the way for people how to do it, in other
places they are working on the stuff that a dictator could reprogram
for starting out control tests,
and if they all nicely go on like this and don't finally change the
education system of Earth, accept that one is not to own persons of
any race, and work on internal balances,
we are heading there.
No stuff injected needed.
Just like in the tales a hair of you  with your structure-code is
enough, + a good satellite system.

Welcome to cybermagic.

Just if they don't  change the education system the next one good
enough in biology /  genetics and finding that Earth sucks and should
not be there after he killed himself 
might construct a few final gifts for those he leaves behind when
killing himself, the diseases being released like with Pandora boxes
or directly, maybe making a little flight across the globe for final

>This is all speculative lectures on workable telepathic systems.
And the odd thingie being that the current ones by most magicians were
found O.K.enough before they got a phone.

>> available band-width indicates that a million transmitters could be
>> monitored through each patch of brain surface with size equal to the radio
>> wave-length. The factor of a million is the ratio between the radio
>> band-width, of the order of hundreds of millions of cycles per second, and
>> the band-width of a neuron, of the order of hundred of cycles..."
>The problem is that no technology is even on the horizon that is capable
>of doing this.

I hope not.

I might some day write the book "2084"
>If the human brain was a few miles wide, then the above technologies
>*might* be possible. It will take more than a few years and a few
>trillion dollars to do what you are claiming, and the side effects of
>the technologies will revolutionise the world.

There might be cheaper ways with similar effects.
But the question might be how wise such a revolution is.

Cypermagic as such and linking the brain with a computer should not be
that difficult.

Just crab the right folks, stick in enough magic perception data,
describe what you want like for an idiot, point them the right
direction and tell them "work that out".
Would still take some decades I guess, but as such not long.

Problem is more: Do you really want people to send your coke
advertising in new ways,
have your neighbours energy scan your privacy, 
have some day maybe satellites recording your brain-energies to some
oligarchy like democracy is basically one or some other form of rulers
demanding control and some day maybe even straight bunchishing if
certain energy groups are registered,
and like in the USA your social security card data, by maybe the year
40 000 your personal brain data starting to scroll over systems of
others though you might not wish that.
maybe world wide accessible.

I exaggerate (I hope) but I just tried to show where neuro spilling
out energy data about the brain like we had no one wanting to rule
someone else might lead.

>So, we have all these military scientists who all keep quiet for decades
>(except about mundane secrets like how to build a nuclear bomb), and who
>all turn down the chance to become the next Bill Gates. 
You might overlook something.
To understand telepathy if you rae a teleptah the artificial ranges
people like Bill Gates and others want to torture Earth with might not
be to your liking.
Maybe to really understand enough about cybermagic you need to be
enough into the brain and into akasha surfing amgically that to become
Bill Gates even if you had the money might not be it.
nd be it just that other people do not start to argue which part of
your brain they might channel their ads into when and in the end agree
on sharing the sectors of the brain 24h a day, year after decade after

Living nightmare!

The artificial ranges that are already unaimed buzzing through you
here are enough to at times have driven me to the verge line of mad.

Even if you got stinking rich or whatever like Bill Gates or got your
million, would you want that worse?

They will not ask you.
The same like with T/V. stuff, if some  want to see Rambo then Rambo
is ramboed through your energy structure.

If you complain and tell them that there IS the option of sticking
stuff deep enough under Earth that it is at least not that bad, and
that there also is the option of going to some shop and renting
videos, they are likely to ignore it the same as when you later wail
that you want it out of your head and wish your privacy for some

Maybe you are just not sensitive enough to fell the horror of
imagining artificial ranges not just torturing you all  year long like
so far all your life (apart from Sudan where it were not that many)
but to have it straight being aimed.

Maybe eventually even with "echo"checks, when the ad-folks want to
check the effect and work on getting more powerful reactions.

I am just half joking in this.

>Except they hand this technology over to every banana republic dictator that wants it
Given the choice of some American or Eastern big system, and some
banana republic with being bodies with the dictator sliming up to you
to keep you inventing more control stuff over others, maybe some nice
ocean or pool in front of your nearly palace like building   and no
hoard of kreeps in sight who might check out your data, get it fast,
do it better than you and you being "removed" if you make to much
are  you sure that you know what you would choose?


Actually there are some dictators I might work faster for than some 51
ganging up on minorities, if I were someone to know enough about some
stuff and such would interest me.

>Occams Razor says 'Paranoid Schizophrenia'.
And if it were, what would it change?

>If I am ever proved wrong I will apologise, but I don't expect it.
I like the first part, in case you mean it.

Maybe stuff is like you say, but the what if not is at least fun to
think about.  ;-)

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