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Info requested on Neuroimaging

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 26 21:33:20 EST 1998

Various schemes for quantifying (e.g. in terms of standard deviations
from mean normal values) EEG "maps" continue to have some research
interest, but such schemes (e.g. BEAM, or Neurometrics) are not yet
considered to have sufficient specificiy for individual diagnosis.

A relatively neglected (but gradually improving in acceptance and use)
is MEG, i.e. magnetoencephalography; arguably, it gives better view of
activity sosurces than EEG, not being subject to volume conductance and
field distortion problems of EEG.  NOT so portable, however, requiring
a SQUID (superconductivity device using--what? liguid nitrogen?).

One method of increasing interest is that of tracking very rapid
spatial-temporal sequences of brain activity (usually via EEG) during
execution of a simple cognitive response to some time-locked stimulus
presentation.  Can't recall his name right now, but one pioneer in this
field contributed a chapter in a volume of NY Academy of Sciences
Annals (vol. 620), based on a conference I helped organize perhaps 7 or
8 yrs ago...

In my own chapter in that volume i describe (among other things)
possibilities for greater use of recording the (approx.) 40Hz rhythm
for localizing quickly changing loci of perceptual/cognitive action. 
(Rudolfo LLinas works a lot with the 40Hz idea, but with a somewhat
different emphasis).

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

In <3633279E.F5857234 at javanet.com> "Andrew R. Hill" <midir at javanet.com>
>Hi all, was wondering if anyone had info on latest developments in
>neuroimaging.  I saw something a while back about using arrays of
>electrodes to map i.e. EEG, but was wondering what the current state
>the technology is.  I'm am curious about portable and noninvasive
>If anyone wants to comment in technical jargon, please feel free; I
>a slightly rusty degree in Neuroscience.
>ahill at salamander.net

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