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DK cooper17.spamless at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 27 03:50:23 EST 1998

Cijadrachon wrote in message
>That summons it up well.
>And after reading all the others sicko stuff, it sounded  like there
>already many people killed, and  that you are not even aware of the
>according data, as if you kill another person just to satisfy your
>curiosity or that of your race.

I used to kill rats (and baby chickens) not out of "curiosity", but to feed
to snakes and hawks and owls (rescued, injured, in need of help), but could
do it without finesse: the old pillow case trick is really pretty humane. Am
I a pervert too? Should the snakes starve?
On the other hand, although I am NOT accusing anyone in this group of doing
this, I agree that there is a lot of repeat research being done to no real
point (cosmetic research is a prime abuser here), and to use live animals in
such unnecessary investigation is indeed a tragic and sick thing. When we
can clone brainless animals, or just parts of animals, which can feel no
pain and have no awareness, clinical animal research (except, obviously,
behavioral, etc., for which a complete and functioning animal reactionary
system would be necessary) will cease to be an ethical/moral grey area.
And lastly... however I feel about doing research on living, feeling
creatures, I am grateful that the people on this group are involved in this
discussion which makes it clear to me that at least these particular people
are trying to prevent unnecessary suffering in what they do. That the first
poster wanted to know how to do what he is going to do humanely is a good

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