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Mon Oct 26 19:37:27 EST 1998

The national, very official, news server (Ibernet) has been put out of
service since october the 22nd, just at the time I was typing a devastating
article for this government politicians and police-military, as well as two
replies related to this subject. On october the 25th they had local
"elections" in the Basque country, from where the today's police controlled
"separatist" terrorism is... Today, october the 26th, we still remain
incommunicated. So I have to make use of deja news for this reply. Once the
service is restored (if it does), I would expect to give you a more concise
reply. Meanwhile you may have some interest in reading some passages of the
John Quinn's frightening report on the Montauk's base (with a small
introduction to HAARP's abominations).

"People responsible for or involved with disseminating information about the
Montauk Project, such as scientist Alfred Bielek, Preston Nichols, and
certain journalists, have been subjected to a variety of disturbing and even
harmful retaliations. Mr. Bielek, who has been employed by government
agencies and private organizations as a research scientist and who has done a
great amount of investigation into the entire Phoenix Project, has had his
residence bombarded by extraordinarily complex and abnormal electromagnetic
and RF transmissions, monitored and recorded by electronics technicians,
which have had severe, detrimental physical and psychological effects on
him." [...] "For the unenlightened, there is a substantial amount of
information and evidence on the literally countless projects and sub-projects
conducted by federal intelligence agencies researching and experimenting with
all conceivable forms of mind control -- using everything from overt control
of basic information available to society at large from fundamental sources
such as books, magazines, TV, radio, newspapers, etc., to drugs and
electromagnetics, and on to highly structured cult like 'belief-system'
control groups.. (The Jonestown, Guyana massacre [approximately 700 of the
900+ victims were homicides, not suicides] in 1979 was a prime example of a
CIA drug/cult mind control project run amok -- [which perhaps was the idea!]
-- a fact studiously avoided in most mainstream media coverage of the
tragedy.) Using EM/RF signals (and drugs), workable technologies have been
developed which can: manipulate basic psychological states; interfere with
coherent mental functioning and motor reflexes; control the autonomic nervous
system; transmit "audible" words directly to the brain via pulsed microwaves;
create (psychotronic) mind to computer links (utilized by the Air Force with
fighter pilots and flight computers and demonstrated on TV); directly
interface with both conscious and subconscious thought processes; plant
subliminal messages -- especially while targets are in REM sleep ... all this
in addition to other capabilities activities previously noted.

Of particular interest are the NSA's massive and extremely advanced nanotech
computer arrays which, using satellite links, can locate, catalog, track and
scan literally anyone in the United States, by reading (and recording or
correlating/ matching) the unique bio-electromagnetic 'signature' possessed
by any and all living beings, and by monitoring mental, physical and
emotional states through subtle 'evoked' EEG readings picked up by extremely
sensitive scanning. Targeted individuals can then be 'interfaced' with by
means of the electromagnetic/radio frequency technologies noted. The list
just does not end, and as this report is not solely concerned with the mind
control aspects of Montauk, we must move on. I refer the reader to the public
libraries and, especially, the Internet and World Wide Web for some further
information on government mind control projects."

Get the whole article at:

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