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:Hi all, was wondering if anyone had info on latest developments in
:neuroimaging.  I saw something a while back about using arrays of
:electrodes to map i.e. EEG, but was wondering what the current state of
:the technology is.  I'm am curious about portable and noninvasive
:If anyone wants to comment in technical jargon, please feel free; I have
:a slightly rusty degree in Neuroscience.
:ahill at

A good book on some current topics in EEG research is
	%A P.L. Nunez
	%T Neocortical Dynamics and Human EEG Rhythms
	%I Oxford University Press
	%C New York, NY
	%D 1995
My chapter in that book (this isn't an ad for profit -- all my
royalties were paid with a dinner) is given along with some other
papers on EEG studies in my website under,
where I also have a file pointing to EEG data.

The current state of EEG/MEG research is able to correlate noninvasive
recordings with some behavioral states, but this requires some
sophisticated measuring equipment and postprocessing of data -- not a
setup that might be considered portable for a few dollars.


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