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Info requested on Neuroimaging

Harm-Jan Wieringa wieringa at compuserve.com
Wed Oct 28 13:23:53 EST 1998

I would more say that state of the art is to have a high number of
electrodes (64 or more) for an EEG/Evoked potential measurement, and to
caluclate the active region of the brain out of that and then project it
into the MRI scan of that particular individual.

Software and hardware to do that is commercially availabe. Naturally, the
same can be done with MEG, since the underlying principles are the same. MEG
is slightly more accurate and the MEG community seems to be the one who has
always been pushing on source localization.


Lester Ingber wrote in message <7140ti$d5d at gap.cco.caltech.edu>...
>In article <3633279E.F5857234 at javanet.com>,
>Andrew R. Hill <midir at javanet.com> wrote:
>:Hi all, was wondering if anyone had info on latest developments in
>:neuroimaging.  I saw something a while back about using arrays of
>:electrodes to map i.e. EEG, but was wondering what the current state of
>:the technology is.  I'm am curious about portable and noninvasive
>:If anyone wants to comment in technical jargon, please feel free; I have
>:a slightly rusty degree in Neuroscience.
>:ahill at salamander.net
>A good book on some current topics in EEG research is
> %A P.L. Nunez
> %T Neocortical Dynamics and Human EEG Rhythms
> %I Oxford University Press
> %C New York, NY
> %D 1995
>My chapter in that book (this isn't an ad for profit -- all my
>royalties were paid with a dinner) is given along with some other
>papers on EEG studies in my website under http://www.ingber.com/#SMNI,
>where I also have a file pointing to EEG data.
>The current state of EEG/MEG research is able to correlate noninvasive
>recordings with some behavioral states, but this requires some
>sophisticated measuring equipment and postprocessing of data -- not a
>setup that might be considered portable for a few dollars.
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