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Tue Oct 27 20:08:43 EST 1998

Along with whatever approach you'll take, analyze everything in terms of
continuous energy-exchange... Thermodynamics. Although you'll have to average
over sets of individual nervous systems, you'll find a rigorous correlation
between energy lost to heat and accuracy, and I expect such has not yet been
reported in precisely that way. Your result will be very-important for our
Science. Good luck. ken collins

Alex K. wrote:

> Hi!
> I need some help:
> How can I measure the speed-accuracy-trade off? I'll take the reaction time
> and the error rate. How can I present it?
> I thought I could make a diagram. On one axis I put the reaction time, on
> the other the error rate.
> Are there any other ideas?
> Thank you for your help,
> Alex

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